01. When The Lights Go Down
02. Falling Into You
03. Take A Little Time
04. I Had Enough
05. Run Run Run
06. Found
07. Disconnected
08. In Times Like These
09. Solid Ground
10. If It’s The Last Thing I Do
11. First Time Around
12. Way Down

Jocke Nilsson - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Janne Arkegren - Guitar
Uffe Nilsson - Bass
Tobbe Jonsson – Drums & percussion

Confessions (2010)

Micke Stenberg - Backing Vocals
Johan Bobäck - Strings on “Solid Ground”

Produced by Jocke Nilsson
Mastering by Björn Engelmann

Released 9/!2-2011
Reviewed 15/12-2011

avenue of allies

Swedish Angeline prides themselves of being established in 1987 which is quite some time ago and they have an impressive discography of one album to show for all this experience. That album was released only last year as well so what the hell were they doing for all that time before this album? Probably going through a lot of hardships and EPs mini albums and stuff before being picked up by the Avenue of Allies label and releasing their debut in 2010 and now their second album in 2011. This second album called Disconnected is my first contact with this band, lets see if it is a good one.

Musically these guys adhere to the melodic rock genre, a touch of the classic melodic rock styled in the 80s and then some modern touches along with a modern production. The songs are quite typical of the genre and Angeline can hardly be accused of being an innovative force in the genre. The songs are catchy both the slower more relaxed songs and the faster more aggressive ones, the sound is crisp and clean which is to be expected from an album in this genre. There is also a decent variation on the theme within the songs but this without any track falling outside the set framework that the band has established. Fifty three minutes and twelve songs is what you’re getting in case you were to buy this album.

Is it worth buying then? Well I would say yes, unless you really hate catchy and melodic rock music because then you might want to look into something else. Also if you are looking for something unique I think you will become disappointed as it is hardly what I call unique but that is not such a big matter thanks to the very good melodies and catchy choruses that this band gives their listeners. Not the most impressive of innovations but a very impressive work of music nonetheless.

The best tracks I would say are the opening When the Lights Go Down, the third track Take a Little Time and track nine Solid Ground, then there are of course several more good tracks like for instance the title track and so on. However, there are also some duller tracks like Run Run Run and the Fourth Track I had Enough is not what I call great. The fact that the band is not what I consider innovative and that the singer sound like just about any other melodic rock singer might also be considered negatives but who the fuck cares when they offer melodies and choruses of the kind that they do. I like the way they managed to make something good out of something that has been done so many times and often is it not really interesting me in the slightest but this does, it has memorable tracks and everything so it is a really good melodic rock album despite it being completely derived of fresh ideas.

It may not be reinventing the melodic rock genre but it sure does manage to be one hell of a catchy album so hat’s of to Angeline for making this very good and fascinating album but I think they will have to start finding new ways to remain interesting in the future. So, only two albums since 1987 but at least one of them is very good, that must be said to be rather good. Maybe something to buy for christmas.



Label: Avenue of Allies/GerMusica
Three similar bands: Gotthard/Bon Jovi/Harem Scarem
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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