BALL OF MAYHEM (interprets Sofia Talvik)
H - Part one of H.A.T.E

1 Nothing quite so gentle
2 Bitter sweet bliss
3 Everyone's favorite concubine
4 Ghosts

Terry Chrisp - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Chrisp - Guitar, Vocals
Zac Yates - Guitar
Stephen Cochrane - Bass
Jack White - Drums




Released 6/6-2011
Reviewed 19/7-2011


Low key acoustic pop songs reworked into metal hymns, can that really be something? That is what singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik thinks at least as she has rock/metal bands doing their own interpretations of her songs. H part one of H.A.T.E. is a mirror of Sofia’s L part one of L.O.V.E. or shall we say inverted versions of it. This version is done by british band Ball of Mayhem who at the moment are an unsigned band with plans to release an EP of their own songs later this year according to an interview I read in relation to this EP. Otherwise I don’t really know anything about this band as there was not much to be found about them on their sites or around the so-called internet.

What they have done is to turn Sofia’s songs into metallic hymns, there are four of these songs on this EP and they are rocked up versions of the originals while according to the band still staying true to what the originals were about. I have not heard the originals as they were not included with this promotional download which is why I don’t know about that. The EP comes as far as I know as a digital release and it contains four tracks and thirteen minutes of music.

I do think that the EP is a bit short as it feels more or less as it ends just after it starts. I think that the songs are good with the second track as the top of the four. It also seem like the band know what they are doing and they do it rather well with this EP and I think that the may just be as good when they do their own music but hopefully then they will have some more than just thirteen minutes to bring us listeners.

I would however say that there is one bigger problem than the just 13 minutes the album takes to play through and that is the fact that I cannot figure out who this album is for. Who will think that this album is a worthwhile investment in terms of time and money, 4€ for four digital tracks is a bit expensive I think, I know most cost like that but digital music is too expensive for what it is, just a digital file nothing more. Maybe it will appeal to the fans of Sofia Talvik and also perhaps for the fans of Ball of Mayhem but for the rest of us I think it does not really have enough to convince us to spend time and money to listen to it. Sure it is good, but so is a lot of music and it has to be something special for us to get into new bands and music and this is not that special.

This is a good EP and maybe if you collect the whole hate thing it will make more sense but it feels more like it is for the fans of either Sofia or Ball of Mayhem.



Label: Makaki Records/Triada
Three similar bands: Sofia Talvik/G.A.I.N./Dragonforce
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
read in english