G.A.I.N. (interprets Sofia Talvik)
A - Part Two of H.A.T.E.

1. Glow
2. Awfully Aware
3. The War
4. King Of The Willow Tree

Gus Savage – Guitar and Vocals
Johnnie Bane – Bass and Vocals
Rob Thorn – Lead Guitar
Rob Bandiit – Drums




Released 1/9-2011
Reviewed 28/8-2011


Swedish band G.A.I.N. is described as 666% of pure heavy metal with the same energy output as a nuclear power plant which sounds like something said about all those dull and boring metal bands out there, a way to make me a bit hesitant it is as well. A bit strange it is though that the band is the metal band doing the second part of the H.A.T.E. series of EPs which is a cover version of the Sofia Talvik series of EPs called L.O.V.E. where this is the cover version of the Talvik release called O which I also have reviewed. I cannot quite let go of these dull pure metal stuff this band seem to throw out around themselves though, what you see is what you get, no fakes allowed is another thing this band state which sounds like utter stupid rubbish uttered by bands who hold Iron Maiden as house gods and spits at anything they found offensive to the metal genre and especially everything that is innovative. But is G.A.I.N. a band of that nature?

Musically their music do not really surprise as it is rather typical heavy metal, the classical guitar riffing and melodies are there, the harmonies and melodies of the original versions are not really there and it would probably be correct to say that they make their very own versions of these songs. The production is also quite typical, adequate for the music is the best description of that part of the music. Archetypical heavy metal would probably be the most accurate description of this band and their music. This EP for them is sixteen minutes long and just as Sofia’s original version it contains four tracks, Sofia’s version is slightly shorter in minutes though.

I would say that this EP does not quite stand up that well compared to the original version, and if I am to look at it disregarding the originals it still just feels like a typical dull heavy metal release. There is nothing funny or interesting, or personal about this band, nothing whatsoever and I wonder where that energy went, maybe a meltdown? I would also say that the band does not have a singer that I would exactly call good, to be quite frank he is rather bad. But the singing is only one of the things making this album feel less than interesting, the dull riffing also adds to that.

I came to wonder where that dull riffing came from as there is none of that in the original where the melodies are intricate, simple and great. None of the things I just wrote can be said about what G.A.I.N. has done with Sofia’s songs and in some cases it is not even possible to distinguish that it is her songs being covered. The first track is possible to distinguish though, it is called Glow and here the band has added a nice intro and then also make a quite good song. The second track Awfully Aware is an awful cover which is ruined by adding a terrible heavy metal riffing stuff, it is a calm relaxed ballad not a heavy metal tune and it sounds awful as a metal song in this version at least. The two finishing tracks are okay but not even close to the originals and that can be said about the entire EP. It is much worse done by G.A.I.N. than by Sofia which is something my interest in playing the songs show on my digital music player as well since these tracks have been place half or less than half the times the originals has been played and I have had them an equal amount of time.

And to sum it all up: this EP is a quite dull such and it does not bring anything new to the scene, it feels like an unnecessary release that would not appeal to many. Anyone in his/her right mind choses the one that Sofia released over this one and that applies at any time even when you feel like listening to heavy metal it is a better choice. That is a bit sad though as I think these songs could have been great if done by a more competent metal band.



Label: Makaki Records/Triada
Three similar bands: Sofia Talvik/Badmouth/Ball of Mayhem
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
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