The Metal Opera

1. Prelude
2. Reach Out for the Light
3. Serpents in Paradise
4. Malleus Maleficarum
5. Breaking Away
6. Farewell
7. The Glory of Rome
8. In Nomine Patris
9. Avantasia
10. A New Dimension
11. Inside
12. Sign of the Cross
13. The Tower

Tobias Sammet - Keyboards, Vocals
Henjo Richter - Guitars
Markus Grosskopf - Bass guitar
Alex Holzwarth - Drums

The Metal Opera - 2000
The Metal Opera Part II - 2002
Lost in Space Part I (EP) - 2007
Lost in Space Part II (EP) - 2007

The Scarecrow - 2008
The Wicked Symphony - 2010
Angel of Babylon - 2010

Jens Ludwig (Edguy)
Norman Meiritz
Frank Tischer
Michael Kiske (credited as Ernie)
David DeFeis
Ralf Zdiarstek
Sharon den Adel
Rob Rock
Oliver Hartmann
Andre Matos
Kai Hansen
Timo Tolkki

Tobias Sammet, Norman Meirit - prod.

Released 13/11-2000
Reviewed 18/5-2010


We have just reviewed the end of an Avantasia story and now we look back, way back to the beginning of another, we are set to complete the entire discography of Avantasia with reviews of all their studio albums. This was the record that begun everything back in 2000. It all started in 1996 with the album Vain Glory Opera by Edguy where Tobias got the idea with classical elements and guest singers and it was then all finished and released in 2000, in November. This first part is simply called the Metal Opera and is part one in a two-part story.

On the guest list of this record we notice some well known people from this genre like Kai Hansen, David DeFeis, Michael Kiske, Sharon Den Adel to name a few. It is an impressive guest list for a not that known guy who makes his first opera inspired metal opus.

Musically it is quite in line with the genre that is sometimes called power metal with speedy music and catchy choruses, even more so with this first part than the later opuses that came later. The production is clean and there are some hints of classical pieces looming in the background of everything. There are traces of Tobias’ main band Edguy but it is still so different that we easily notice that these are two separate acts.
The production may not be quite as high class as the one by Sascha Paeth but it is a solid production that does not interfere with the music or anything else. Already from the first tone we notice that this will be something very worth listening to and enjoying. It all starts with an intro track before it changes into the track called Reach Out For the Light which is a great track. Then it continues in the same vein all the way through the record. I especially like the title track called the same name as the band, Avantasia which is usually found in most Edguy shows these days. A really good track it is none the less.

This record have certainly aged gracefully during the almost ten years it has been out and it has recently been re-released in a package together with the second part of this opera. If you do not own this one it may be the chance to get it in a nice new package, the record we re-released in 2008, I wonder if it will be another re-release in november when it celebrates its tenth anniversary.

This record is certainly an excellent record, a record with wonderful melodies and powerful songs with great vocal parts, it certainly holds a good place among the better records released over the years and certainly a great start to the Avantasia story.

If you don’t already have this album, get it!


Label - AFM Records
Three similar bands - Edguy/Freedom Call/Aina
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm