Freddy and the Phantoms
A Universe From Nothing

Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Black Sabbath/Rival Sons/Graveyard

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. First Blood Universe
2. River Of Hate
3. Lilith’s Nightmare
4. Bermuda Blues
5. Andromeda
6. Andromeda pt. 2
7. Loners On The Run
8. The 11th Guest
9. Hunger
10. Freedom Is A Prison
11. Inferno

Frederik "Freddy" Schnoor - vocals and guitars
Rune René Hansen - drums, percussion bg. vocals
Anders Haahr - organ, keys, clavinet, mellotron, bg. vocals
Mads Wilken - Bass bg. vocals

Leaving the Landscape (2010)
Shadows Across the Country (2012)
Times of Division (2014)
Decline of The West (2017)

Søren Andersen on "River Of Hate"

Recorded in Medley Studios, Copenhagen
Produced by Ken Rock
Mix and Mastering: Rune René Hansen @ Rumble Room

Released 2020-04-24
Reviewed 2020-05-28

mighty music

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Freddy and the Phantoms return with their fifth album and this time they are creating a Universe From Nothing, not really a very original idea as that is kind of what happened at the beginning of time for this universe. Then it isn’t a very original band, the press material compares with the likes of Black Sabbath, Graveyard, Rival Sons, kind of the mainsteamiest of mainstreams, and the same as Rival Sons, a band that really sucks. Just because they are compared with a sucky band, doesn’t mean that they are the same, their logo is fun; the cover is less interesting though. The music is kind of like you can expect from the comparisons.

Retro hard rock or metal with a singer that sounds like an archetype of a rock singer, Freddy does what he does well, but it is as much fun as a wooden plank. It sounds a little dated, kind of like they produce in a way that isn’t quite up to date, I don’t think that it is beneficial. They are more interesting than Rival Sons, but the music isn’t very original, and the album is very predictable, Freddy and his phantoms does not seem to have any intent to make something original or surprising with this album. The positive is that it is quite heavy and feels fairly dynamic, and for them that it seems to be many reviewers that do like them, but most of those like everything.

A good album makes the listener take notice and moves to the foreground of attention, a bad does the same – the bland album can almost be compared with white noise, the main purpose could to be to block other sound pollutions. This album is not bad, but it is far from great as well, bland is probably my best way of describing it. Better than the similar band Rival Sons but not an album I would like to spend my time listening to, I like a more novel approach as it is rather boring when you listen to a new album and it doesn’t illicit any sense of novelty.

I Frisbee throw this one through the window into the cold day outside and it follows the chilling winds far outside my line of sight. Then I remember that it isn’t very good to dump plastic things in nature so I walk the hundreds of meters to pick it up and make it into a coaster or something more useful, so it is fortunate that it was just a digital promo and the wasting of resources was avoided.