Rival Sons
Head Down

Label: Earache/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Led Zeppelin/Free/Black Crowes
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Keep On Swinging
2. Wild Animal
3. You Want To
4. Until The Sun Comes
5. Run From Revelation
6. Jordan
7. All The War
8. The Heist
9. Three Fingers
10. Nava
11. Manifest Destiny (Pt. 1)
12. Manifest Destiny (Pt. 2)
13. True

Jay Buchanan – vocals
Scott Holiday – guitars
Robin Everhart – bass
Michael Miley – drums

Before the Fire (2009)
Pressure and Time (2011)


Recorded with Dave Cobb and Vance Powell

Released 14/9-2012
Reviewed 8/12-2012


American copycats of Rival Sons are back with a new album called Head Down, I think their previous album Pressure and Time was feeling a bit out of date being a copy of what has been done before. Still the band has been very celebrated for their music but I find it very difficult to find out why that is, but then again people celebrate crap like Bullet and Bonafide as well for no reason other than it sounds like their old favourites from time past, so apparently for some music that sounds identical to something else is good music. To me that is not the case which is why I didn’t have the highest of hopes for this album considering what I thought about the previous one which still was a rather good album so at least I could hope for that I thought and then I saw the extremely ugly cover artwork which frankly looks like shit. But what about what is under the rubbish cover art?

Well, it is the same old as before which means plagiarism and just copying music that has been done by other bands in the past and in the case of this band it feels as though the inspiration comes from Led Zeppelin or should we say that they rewrite Led Zeppelin songs which sounds more like what they do. I am not impressed with their originality which does not exist and the production is dull and feels a bit dated. But to be quite honest I have no idea how to look at this album, should I see it as a Zeppelin tribute band? that could have made sense but then there is that problem with the songs not being the Zeppelin songs in terms of the words sung. According to a critical review I read about this album the band said in a biography on myface or some shitty place like that, that they think modern music lacks danger. So if they think today’s music lacks danger, why do they make music so not dangerous that Led Zeppelin would have scrapped it back in the sixties for not being dangerous or offensive enough. I think danger in the same sentence as this album would be in relation with the risk of falling asleep while driving.

Like all these lack of own identity and frankly boring music isn’t enough, this album is a whopping 57 minutes long which is stupid in a good album and insane when making a bad album. It is really difficult to understand the whys of this album, why take Led Zeppelin songs and slightly rewrite them and then record them in a similar style as Zeppelin in the sixties, and why does people like it? What is wrong with the old Zeppelin albums? to me they are much better, not only do they feel exiting and honest, they are good as well (the Zeppelin albums that is). This album is nothing of what I just say, it sucks in many ways. Sure, if you really like the kind of music then maybe you think this is alright but there is just so much music like this made already and it has always been made better as well.

I think Pressure and Time was quite alright, interesting and more of a nod back to times past. This is more of a try to be a time machine to the times past, I don’t like such thinks and there is no need for it either as this time has already come and gone and we live in the present now and it would only be stupid to try and live in the past. So Head Down will be flushed down as it is a bad album, plain and simple.



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