Wild Planes
Singin 'N' Slingin

1. Money
2. The Hunter
3. We Dont Know This
4. Drunk
5. I'm Back

Kris Carmell - vocals, guitar
Jimmy “Ray” Hoag - bass
Andre Jevnik - drums

On The Rocks (EP 2016)



Released 2019-05-30
Reviewed 2019-10-27


According to the press material this is the second debut EP of the trio who calls itself Wild Planes, a band from New York in the nation with the dumbest person ever as president. The first debut EP arrived in 2016 and this one came earlier this year; it has a fairly American cover with guns, cards and such things. Behind the cover hides five tracks that look at money, drunkenness and such other typical subjects in the world of today. I guess you could be excused for not believing that this EP doesn’t offer very intelligent lyrical content.

Musically it is pretty simple music, pop rock, AOR something like that, some mentioned Duran Duran, perhaps that isn’t too far ff. Catchy songs with good vocals and good production, also pretty okay variation over the five tracks. It is as original as a box of bricks or a gravel road, an album that doesn’t really add anything new to the world of music. With five tracks it is at least short and as the tracks are so easy-accessible that they could probably work well in a radio setting, some radio gaga or radio blabber for you.

I am not too impressed with this album, it gets boring pretty fast and I am happy to dismiss it now. I think this EP can be used with good results as background noise, it has titles to fit for the party or when you are in the garage fiddling with the car or anything akin to that – it is not an album that you want to listen to more closely as there isn’t much substance to it and it doesn’t give us anything that we haven’t heard before. But sure, it is good enough so that no one will dislike it so if you like the poppy rock music you could check it out as there is at least some chance that you will like it.

An easily-accessible EP that is also very easily forgotten, simple songs and not much depth. It lacks that outstanding hit songs that makes it stand out, it is another one of those simple and pretty boring releases that keeps arriving every week and every day. It is an album that you forget as soon as you turn it off and that cannot be soon enough.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Licence/Dead Express/Duran Duran

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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