Super Human

1. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.
2. Ocean Bed
3. Super Human feat. Olivio
4. Animals
5. You‘re Not Alone
6. Give Me Up
7. Party Monster
8. Unified
9. Not Coming Home

Mirza Radonjica-Bang – Vocals
Andreas Kruger – Guitar
Christian Lauritzen - Guitar, Violin
Joakim Stilling - Drums

We Are the Sound (2011)
Breathe:See:Move (2013)
Siamese (2015)
Shameless (2017)


Produced by Siamese
Mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt

Released 2019-05-24
Reviewed 2019-05-28

long branch records

“This shit is bananas” or you would be would quite bananas if you missed out on this album. The Danes of Siamese have been receiving lots of praise from Hallowed for their previous albums, Shameless from two years ago and Breathe:See:Move that was released in 2013 under the Siamese Fighting Fish moniker, I like the old name better but the question is how good the album is and not what name is best. The violinist is not left in the band, they are a quartet nowadays and they have put together a super human album, at least that is what the title suggests.

The violinist may be gone but the R’n’B stuff is there, the metalcore influences, the catchy pop elements and Mirza’s great vocals. The production of this new album is excellent, if you know the band from before you will recognise their style but they have taken steps forwards and perhaps also a little bit sideways. They are heavier this time and they manage to integrate very familiar stuff, sometimes even ripping off what others have done, into their own style making it all sound very fresh and exciting. Super Human also offers strong variation and good depth, you are very easily bored if you grow tired with this album – the feeling is that I want to hear more every time I listen to it, and that is way better than wanting to hear less. I would say that this is an excellent production.

It is also an excellent album with strong tracks all the way through, no weaknesses. I think most bands that I review should benefit from listening to these guys and how they manage to make fresh and interesting music despite using very familiar elements. It starts with B.A.N.A.N.A.S. a great track, one of the best of the album and it sets up great expectations for the album and they live up to those expectations. All the tracks are worthy of mention but perhaps the most notable are the title track, Unified and the ending track Not Coming Home as those are perhaps slightly more memorable than the other ones. It is an album that should appeal to anyone, no matter the musical preference, an album that I think is a strong candidate to album of the year, at least this far.

Yeah, you would be really bananas to miss out on this great album. It is an album that you would regret missing – it is just brilliant and could possibly be the finest album by Siamese to date. I have to conclude that this album will set me back a few hundred of my Swedish money as I really have to place it in my record shelf and that t-shirt bundle looks quite interesting. Don’t miss this album; it would really be bananas not to get this one.





Label: Long Branch Records/SPV
Three similar bands: Malrun/Syqem/I-Exist
Rating: HHHHH
HH (6/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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