Siamese Fighting Fish

1. H.A.U.T
2. Party Like Charlie Sheen
3. The World Might Have Seen Better Days
4. Crap Is the New Black
5. Give In
6. Discodad
7. A Liar Cried Wolf
8. How Long Will It Take
9. Don't Try This Alone
10. Yes, Say No
11. Scarred by Omens

Mirza Radonjica - vocals
Andreas Krüger - guitar
Rasmus Krøyer - guitar
Morten B. Jacobsen - bass
Joakim Stilling – drums
Christian H. Lauritzen - violin

We Are the Sound (2011)


Recorded in Vibe Factory, Denmark
Mix and master by Kristian Thomsen

Released 2013-08-12
Reviewed 2013-08-25

mighty music

Wouldn’t it be fun if this band had called themselves Danish Fighting Fish? after all, they are a Danish band. Funny name for a band they have thought up this Danish sextet, but they are slightly unorthodox in their ideas. Some writers have reacted over the fact that they have a violinist in their ranks, even though that isn’t really unheard of as I know and have heard albums with several bands having instrumentalists using somewhat unusual instruments for the rock genre. They are said to belong amongst the ranks of alternative rock bands and they have a cool cover artwork that reminds me of an album I reviewed long ago when Hallowed was a printed magazine. Not that it has anything to with this album which happens to be the second album of these Danes.

It is an album that isn’t the easiest to describe, it doesn’t quite fit into any simple description. It is founded upon something like post hardcore and classic alternative rock, it is very varied and the songs all have distinctly different character ranging from pop styled music, catchy rock music and some more aggressive stuff even with some growly vocals. Violins share the stage with some massive riffing and overall there is a lot going on with stylings from several subgenres of the rock/metal genre, but all then comprehensively brought together in a coherent album of eleven exciting tracks.

It is a very well produced album with a great vocalist and excellent song writing, I would call this a brilliant album and one of the most positive surprises of this musical year. I cannot find a single flaw anywhere when listening to this album, it is simple to take in, complex enough to keep you interested for a long time and catchy enough to produce the hit songs a good album needs. It has everything. Unlike many complexly built album it is also easy to take in as it is still built around catchy choruses and also catchy melody lines.

I think that the opening track H.A.U.T. is a perfect opener, it is catchy, quite fast and an excellent rocker. It opens the album in a great way, and sets a great tone. Then comes Party Like Charlie Sheen which is not just a funny title, but also a great track, not as catchy or fast as the opener and more poppy as well. It is a great track. Crap is the New Black is another great track, heavier than the two previously mentioned but also a quite strong track with some growly vocals, quite aggressive. Let me also mention Yes, Say No which is the penultimate track on the album, it is another catchy track which I really enjoy. Not to say that I don’t enjoy any of the other tracks because I do, they are great tracks but maybe these are the brightest shining ones because they are somewhat different or stand out as hit songs.

I suppose I can only recommend this album as it is an excellent piece of music, it is easy to take in and easy to enjoy while still have the longevity thanks to its hidden complexity. This is definitely one of the best albums of the year, and I have a hard time seeing that anyone can dislike it, therefore I recommend that you check it out no matter your musical preference.



Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Malrun/Syqem/I-Exist
Rating: HHHHHHH (6/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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