The Tower of the Morbid

1. Flesh Tornado
2. Apocalypse Writings
3. Cannibal Remains
4. Drowning in Sand
5. Redemptionless
6. They came to Die
7. Rot Spreads
8. Beneath the Gauze
9. The Tower of the Morbid
10. Purge the World
11. Demented Machines

Rogga Johansson - Vocals, Guitars
Martin Klasen - Bass
Matte Fiebig - Drums
Kjetil Lynghaug - Lead Guitars

Deadbanger (1999)
Promoting Total Death (2001)
Dead Unburied (2002)
Murder Death Kill (2003)
No Divine Rapture (2004)
Carnage Junkie (2008)
Scandinavian Warmachine (2009)
Into the Catacombs (2011)
World Lobotomy (2013)
Land of Weeping Souls (2017)


Artwork by Dan Seagrave
Layout by Turkka Rantanen

Released 2019-11-01
Reviewed 2019-11-07

transcending obscurity

It seems as that fellow known as Rogga is a pretty busy boy these days having released an album under his own name and now one with his band Paganizer. Paganizer is a band that has been around for quite a while now with the debut released back in the previous millennium. It has been quite a few albums since then and this new one is called The Tower of the Morbid, quite the morbid place it seems. And it is a green album with eleven tracks, an album that has been well received by many writers around the web, just like the previous album. I did listen to the previous album but didn’t review and I don’t think there is much difference between this one and the previous album so fans will recognise what they hear.

Classic death metal with brutish vocals, aggressive sounds, very heavy, are all things that can be said about this album. An album that is fairly varied for an album of the death metal genre, it is also really well produced and powerful. It presses the right buttons for the death metal fans. But as impressive it is in terms of pressing buttons and production it is also rather predictable and a bit generic I think, a strong piece of craftsmanship but not as strong as a work of art.

It is a pretty good album with good songs, quite enjoyable to listen to. Rogga has a good and evil death metal voice and the band does what death metal bands usually do so fans of the genre and Paganizer will probably find this album very appealing. But as a critic I would have liked something more, something that feels fresh to listen to and not just sounding like any other death metal alum – granted this is finer produced than most of the death metal I have heard but it doesn’t feel like it offers anything I haven’t already heard many times before.

Check it out if you are a fan of the death metal, if you are a more general metal fan I think the solo album by Rogga that was released earlier this year is a better choice. It is an album that can be said to be death metal craftsmanship on this highest level, therefore it is too bad that it isn’t artistry on the same level. I would not describe this as a timeless classic, but it is a good album.






Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Three similar bands:
Crawl/Revolting/Rogga Johansson
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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