Rogga Johansson
Entrance to the Otherwhere

1. The Re-Emergers
2. Till Bergets Puls
3. When the Otherwhere Opens
4. Giants Walking at Night
5. As Evil Seeps Out
6. Berget Vaknar
7. Entrance to the Otherwhere
8. A Journey into Fear
9. In the Grip of Garpedans

Rogga Johansson - All music and lyrics

Garpedans (2017)
Subject to Entropy (EP 2019)
Burn It All Away (EP 2019)

Brynjar Helgetun - session drums

Cover artwork - Mariusz Lewandowski
Logo - Christophe Szpajdel

Released 2019-07-19
Reviewed 2019-08-25

transcending obscurity

Rogga Johansson, that name sounds like a mechanic’s name or something, a worker and not a musician. But he takes the entrance to the otherwhere, that otherwhere has to be some alternate dimension. Perhaps a dimension where death metal isn’t a watered down and boring genre without much life, that is needed and that is what Rogga brings back from the otherwhere. The word otherwhere is not really used these days though, elsewhere is the more modern terms for that word. The album certainly looks good and Rogga’s CV contains being with and producing many bands where Paganizer who are soon releasing a new album is one example.

Traditional death metal with guttural growls, heavy sound, lots of power and things we usually hear in the genre. It is an album that presses the right buttons for the fans of the genre, but not only that as there are some more melodic things and some surprises there as well. There are some alarms and some surprises, that isn’t usually the case in the death metal genre so only that thing makes the album more interesting than most. Another thing that differs from most death metal album is that it feels quite varied and that the playing time isn’t too long, almost every death metal album feels too long so it is nice that there are exceptions.

This is a good album, with really strong songs and there are no distinct weaknesses. There are some incoherencies here and there but the good variation and creativity makes up for those small niggles. It starts really well with a great death metal number and then it keeps going and gives some surprises to the listeners, and an album that gives some hope for the death metal genre – it is surprising with an album in this genre that is actually good and not just a boring shadow of what was. It is an album that makes us want to remain within the Otherwhere where death metal is good and Styx is a river and not just a band – how great isn’t that?

This might be the best death metal album I have reviewed in a while, it really works for me and showcases that the genre isn’t that boring after all. Hats off to Rogga and his musical prowess, perhaps that is something he has brought with him from the otherwhere – you should check it out.






Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Three similar bands:
Edge of Sanity/Unanimated/Paganizer
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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