Diamond Dogs
Recall Rock 'n' Roll and the Magic Soul

01. Recall Rock'n'roll
02. Valentina (Queen of Broken Hearts)
03. Singin' With Elvis
04. Heavy Swing
05. There is a Fire Down There
06. Small Town Girl
07. Soul Folks
08. Good Times
09. Don't Fight it, Feel it
10. Somebody Have Mercy
11. Keep Movin' On
12. Nothing Can Change This Love
13. Sugar Dumpling

Sulo-Lead Vocals
Honk- Keys & Backing vocals
Lars Karlsson-Guitars
Martin Thomander- Guitars, Backing vocals
Thomas Broman- Drums
Stefan Bellnäs - Bass, Backing vocals

Blue Eyes Shouldn't be Cryin' (1993)
Honked (1994)
Good Time Girl (1995)
Need of Ammunition (1996)
Among the Nonbelievers (2000)
As your Green turns Brown (2001)
Shortplayer (2001)
Too Much is Always Better than Not Enough (2002)
That's the Juice I'm On (2003)
Black River Road (2004)
Up The Rock (2006)
Cookin (2008)
Most Likely (2008)
The Grit and the Very Soul (2011)
Set Fire to it All (2012)

Quitters and Complainers (2015)


Recorded in Strawberry Studio

Released 2019-09-27
Reviewed 2019-10-31

sound pollution

The previous album Quitters and Complainers was supposed to be the swansong for Diamond dogs, an album to honour long time member Magic who tragically passed away in 2015. I personally find that to be a bit unfortunate as they did a good album, I didn’t like the previous two but that one was really good. As fans often are, they wanted more, more of the same and eventually Sulo and a band that is new in most parts put this one together and there is a good chance that the fans will like what they have been delivered.

You will recognise the style, classic rock, bluesy rock, boogie rock, soul, are probably genre descriptions that can be used to describe this album. It is the same kind of style that the band has offered on previous album. This new album offers good energy and life, good emotional content and production. The originality isn’t overly impressive though, it is an album that offers more or less what can be expected – no real surprises, actually I would say that it offers no surprises. But it offers decent variation and with a playing time of around forty minutes it is sensible in terms of playing time.

This is a good album with enjoyable songs that should give a positive feeling; the weakness could be the lack of originality and the fact that you probably have to be a bit drawn to nostalgia to really appreciate this album. But even if you are not it will probably be an appealing album, it offers a lot to like and enjoy. As a critic I think the lack of original ideas is a bit negative but it still works quite well and I will most likely still enjoy the album if I ever return to it now that I have written about it.

Fun album, I like it and if you like what Diamond Dogs have done before you will like this one. I think that the title track is the favourite of the album but all the tracks works really well for me, and I think that it could be an album worth checking out as chances are that you will enjoy it, especially since so many people today are very nostalgic about the good old days and this is rock music just like in those good old days. A fine album.






Label: Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: Sulo/Status Quo/The Rolling Stones
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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