Full English

1. Lady Jane
2. Something About That Girl
3. Sorry For The Young
4. Among The Angels
5. Run For Your Life
6. Hit Me With Your Rock n’ Roll
7. Lightning Strikes Twice
8. Stand On The Rocks
9. Is It Love On Your Mind
10. Finest Words
11. Life’s Work
12. My Bounty From Above
Bonus tracks:
13. Hot Swagger In The Big Smoke (with Billy Bremner)
14. Roxette (with Wilko Johnson)
15. Enjoy The Risk (with Robert Wyatt)
16. Poor, Poor Heart (with Billy Bremner)
17. Borstal Breakout (with Dave Tregunna)
18. Roses & Rings (with Spike Gray)
19. Teenage Depression (with Dave Higgs)


Rough Diamonds (2003)
Just Another Guy Tryin' (2005)
Hear Me Out (2008)
Sulo möter Brunner (2008)
I månen på mattan (2009)
Keep Yourself Alive – (2012)
Punk Stories and Tabloid Tales (Lyrics by Garry Johnston) (2016)
Sulo's Brilliant Outsiders (2016)

Guy Bailey
Chris Spedding
Jamie Moses
Chris Parks
Melvin Duffy

Produced by Kevin Poree

Released 2017-10-27
Reviewed 2017-12-01


Sulo goes for the English, a full English showing for his fans or perhaps for those missing the music of the now extinct band Diamond Dogs. It is quite obvious that the good old Sören likes his English music and the influences are quite obvious and the parallels to Sören’s former band Diamond Dogs are quite easy to draw when listening to this album that can be described as something like a full English mean – lots of fat and grease and lots of calories, good energy.

It is a well-produced trip down the nostalgic streets of music; I come to think of bands like Status Quo and other well-known English bands that you have probably heard. It is an album that sounds typically English and has all the typical ingredients of a full English meal. It is an album that has a dozen tracks of classic English songs and then it offers seven cool bonus tracks. All tracks that feels familiar, in a good way. Sure, there are no surprises but the album is made with love and respect for the English rock music so it is very easy to like. And I think that Sulo sings well, his voice fits this kind of music perfectly, which makes it a very solid production.

I like this album, the songs are good and I enjoy listening to them. And I don’t think the album has any major weakness, there are some flaws but nothing major. Sure there could be some more originality, the album is a little bit predictable and doesn’t really offer anything we haven’t heard before but I doubt that’s the point. This is an album for those of you who like a good meal of full English rock music, and if you are one of those I think you will find this album most appealing.

Sulo has put together a nice album with good songs, perhaps I could wish for a standout song, a song that sort of brings me back to the album. It is a thing that doesn’t matter when I listen to the album because all the songs are good and it is enjoyable to listen to this album. I think that it is an album that is well worth checking out especially if you like a full greasy English musical meal, Full English is a very solid album plain and simple.





Label: Rock’N’Growl Records
Three similar bands: Diamond Dogs/Status Quo/The Crunch

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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