Diamond Dogs
Quitters and Complainers

1. Runaway Romeo
2. Alright, Alright, Alright
3. Stop Barking Up The Wrong Tree
4. Broken
5. Silver Star Delight
6. Back To Babylon
7. Black Ribbons (For Magic)
8. Goodbye Troubled Soul
9. Rollercoaster
10. Out Of My Heart

Bonus CD ‘Let’s Have It – Live in Bilbao‘:
1. Bound To Ravage
2. Rush For Comfort
3. Every Little Crack
4. Goodbye Miss Jill
5. Autopilot
6. Lift It Up
7. Yesterday’s NYMPH
8. Honked
9. Raise A Holler
10. Brick Chase Bilbao (Jam)
11. Passing Through My Heart
12. Somebody Else’s Lord
13. On The Sunny Side Again
14. Sad To Say I’m Sorry
15. The Band
16. Wild Side Of Life
17. Don’t Turn Me Away
18. Not Guilty (Jam)

Sören Sulo Karlsson – Vocals
Duke of Honk – Piano, Organ, vocals
Lars Karlsson – Guitars
Johannes Nordell – Drums
Morgan Korsmoe – Bass

Blue Eyes Shouldn't be Cryin' (1993)
Honked (1994)
Good Time Girl (1995)
Need of Ammunition (1996)
Among the Nonbelievers (2000)
As your Green turns Brown (2001)
Shortplayer (2001)
Too Much is Always Better than Not Enough (2002)
That's the Juice I'm On (2003)
Black River Road (2004)
Up The Rock (2006)
Cookin (2008)
Most Likely (2008)
The Grit and the Very Soul (2011)
Set Fire to it All (2012)



Released 2015-08-14
Reviewed 2015-10-18

cargo records

The dogs enjoying diamonds are back with a new album, three years after they had set fire to everything leaving plenty of damages and other stuff. I reviewed that fire some years ago and upset the vocalist Sören who didn’t like what I wrote and resorted to some insults, he also stated that he had told the label not to send us any more albums to review but I guess he must have missed to point that out to the new label or the promotion people. Then again, I think the promotion people likes what we have written about many of their albums. So what about this one? It is one album and as a bonus we also get a disc of live songs, about 70 minutes of them so the fan of the dogs have a lot to sink their teeth in. I didn’t bother with the live stuff since I don’t have time for that much music but I have read both that the live disc is the highlight or the low point of the album depending on who you ask.

Musically I think the album pulls a lot more of a punch than the two albums I have reviewed earlier by this band. Boogie rock, rock’n’roll are two genres that can be used to describe this album, it is uncomplicated and straight to the point. They play a lot on the nostalgia card and their music is very much based on classic rock’n’roll from times long gone but with a fresher sound. Sören isn’t a very good vocalist but his raw and unpolished vocals fit the raw and unpolished, almost rebellious, sound of the band pretty well. Overall I think that the production is great for this album, they sound a lot better on that regard than what I have heard from them before. Solid musicianship and a well-varied album with that can keep a listener entertained for the duration it plays, which is just short of 40 minutes.

I like this album; it would be a shame if we haven’t gotten the album, as it has been enjoyable to listen to. It may not go down in history as something inventive, unique or something like that but it is good and strong, well made as well as quite interesting. Sure, it will not reach any of our higher ratings as the lack of uniqueness prevents that, as well as the album not really being fantastic but it is by far the best I have heard from the Diamond Dogs, but be aware that I have only heard three of the band’s album counting this one. I think fans will enjoy this and as an added bonus they will have some live songs to enjoy, I do however doubt that they will win many new fans with this album. I will not consider myself a fan of the band but this album at least gets me a lot closer than what I have heard before.

I think all the songs are solid and strong and I cannot see any major weakness, other than the lack of originality. There are some tracks that stand out, Back to Babylon and Silver Star Delight are my favourites of this album, they are well worth checking out. I like albums that change my opinion about a band and this one makes me see that there is some value to what these guys make since the previous albums I have heard has been both poor and unoriginal, this album may still be unoriginal but at least it is a very good album. Makes me think about what Sören would think of the fact that I still received an album to review, no it doesn’t, I just like the album and if you are a fan I am sure you will like it as well.



Label: Livewire/Cargo Records
Three similar bands: Thunder Express/Status Quo/The Rolling Stones

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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