The Dead and Living
The Author's Curse

1. The Autho’s Curse
2. The Chronic Emptiness
3. City of the Light
4. Amnesty
5. Shelter of Hurt
6. No Man’s Land
7. Rogue Soldiers
8. The Rope

Coroner - Vocals
Janitor - Guitar & Vocals
Gravedigger - Bass
Vincent - Drums

Decadance (2010)
The Last Men Standing (2013)


Produced by Coroner and Gustav Ydenius.
Mixed and mastered by Gustav Ydenius at Leon Music

Released 2019-10-25
Reviewed 2019-10-22


The Author is cursing us here at Hallowed or perhaps you and everyone else when he or she rewrites the story about a band called The Dead and Living. Their tour bus crashed on October 25 five years ago and the band died, their burnt carcasses were even filmed and posted on youtube. 132 million views were amassed for the clip posted by an Austrian fan before it was taken down due to some nudity that disturbed the youtube censors. The story should have been over with that crash following two albums but in a parallel world the band survived the accident and created a new album called The Author’s Curse and according to an Austrian youtuber it is the band’s best one to date.

Goth metal, in many regards according to the format but also with a theatrical feel, or like some kind of epic story with depth and darkness. It is told in destructively romantic style with the burning bus and an Austrian motorway as the backdrop. The album is really well produced and with eight tracks and only 32 minutes playing time it feels very sensible in terms of playing time as well, it is a strong production. The author gives us much variation, depth, and we are getting a nice sense of darkness, just like an album in the goth metal genre should be – in a parallel world it is brilliant and great but maybe a little without originality in the real world.

You may recall the articles when it happened and like myself you my have figured that it was the end of the band, but then something strange happened and a parallel version of the band survived and they decided to put together and album worth dying for. So is it an album worth dying for? In a parallel reality it is probably worth dying for, in what we suspect is the real world it is a great gothic metal album that is worth listening to, many times. The enjoyable darkness, the theatrics and that sense of the album going for a dance with death are all enjoyable traits and that anonymous Austrian youtuber is probably correct when claiming this is the best one they have done.

Coroner and his dead and living band members makes an album that is interesting and good, the press release about the bus crash and parallel realities makes for thought-worthy listening and a good base for strange ideas. I like strange ideas and this may be the best alum they have done, at least it is the best one since they died in that bus crash. Anyone into the dark and gothic stuff should have a closer look at what the author has written, get ready for the curse!






Label:  Black Cult Records
Three similar bands: HIM/Daedalean Complex/Icon & the Black Roses
Rating: HHHHH
HH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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