Daedalean Complex

1 Deus Ex...
2 ...Machina
3 Far Beyond
4 Chrysalis
5 Cut'N'Bleed
6 Sea of Lust
7 Virtual Faith
8 Under a Rain of Ashes

Herr Nox – vocals/graphic artist
Daedalus – keyboards/samples
Atah'Khan – guitars
M.A.D. – bass
Idrys – drums



Recorded at DC Headquarters except guitars recorded at Studio Nokturn.
Mixed by Sebastien Groleau at Studio Nokturn.
Mastered by Richard Addison at Trillium Sound Studios.

Released 23/9-2008
Reviewed 3/11-2010


Now, before you complain about this being a record released long ago, I just want to point out that I only learnt about this record and this band a week or so ago. I was asked by the manager of the band if I wanted to write a review and maybe write some more about the band, I said that I could do that so now I have to figure some questions for the band out. I guess that will not be too hard.

So who are these Complex people? For one they are Canadian and fronted by someone named Herr Nox which sounds German. They also have a guy who plays the piano and makes the arrangements who is called Daedaleus, who may be the main man of the band. Other than being Canadian they do play gothic/industrail metal in the vain of Moonspell meeting Rammstein mixed up with some Dimmu Borgir if we ought to believe the manager whom I feel is quite correct in this particular case. It is darkish and gothic with the morose and moaning kind of vocal style that is used and also spiced up with some interesting keyboard parts.

Soundwise there is absolutely nothing to complain about, the record is well produced and very clean without sounding polished and the vocals by the one called Herr Nox is impressive and is one of the main reasons for this record being as good as it is. Another reason for this is of course the song material, the eight songs on the record are all really good and I will be hard pressed to pick out a single favourite of them.

One thing making this a good record is that the time it lasts is short enough to leave you wanting more but still substantial enough for you to know it was more than an EP or something like that. I think less is more when it comes to music and that is something it would appear that this band seem to think as well.

This record has been rather successful for this band, it was first released in 2008 and sold out and then re-released in 2009 with new artwork and that one is sold out as well, makes one wonder about how many were printed, doesn’t it? The band also place fourth in a rock competition where the singer also was nominated for best singer but probably didn’t win since it just says he was nominated. They have also appeared on TV and featured in a big French rock magazine so they seem to be quite successful this band. If you want the record, this is what was said in a file that accompanied the music files I got from the manager of the band: “Thank you for downloading Daedalean Complex's debut album. All we ask in return is that if you like what you hear, please spread the name of the band and share these files.” So if you want them and can’t find them anywhere, send me an email and I may help you, you can download it from their webside, linked at the left fortunately so you don't need to mail me unless there is a problem with the website.

I also noticed that the band is to release a new album in 2011, I hope they stick with what was good with this album and make some steps forwards and then we’ll have a great album. I also hope they stick with keeping their albums short in order to keep them interesting. Anyway, I cannot wait for that album to be released, hopefully I will get a copy to review that too.

Daedalean Complex is a very good and interesting new outfit and their self titled debut is well worth finding and listening to, over and over again.


Label - self financed
Three similar bands - Moonspell/HIM/Dimmu Borgir
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm