01. Cursed
02. One Step Away
03. Endless Quest
04. What It Takes
05. Nuketown
06. Day By Day
07. Hero
08. Lost In The Dark
09. Goodbye
10. Take Another Shot
11. Prisoner
12. Goodbye (Acoustic Version – Exclusive European Bonus Track)

Marcello Spera - Vocals
Cristiano Stefana - Guitars
Andrew Trabelsi - Keyboards
Matteo Castelli - Bass
Matteo Severini - Drums & Percussion

Never Too Late (2016)

Stefano Zeni - guitar solo on 4
Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri - vocals on tracks 9 & 12
Steve De Biasi - acoustic guitar solo on track 12

Produced by Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti
Mixed & Mastered by Roberto Priori
Artwork & Graphics by Aeglos Art

Released 2019-03-29
Reviewed 2019-05-22

burning minds group

Dyadic is the second album of the Italian quintet who calls itself Alchemy, a name that I probably would not associate with melodic hard rock as a first connection – it sounds more like black metal or something. But with a dozen rockers these guys do the melodic route in a journey that could be cursed and goes on endless quests, perhaps to Nuketown. And they say goodbye at the end. The last song title has me thinking if that is what will happen when I am done with this album, a goodbye and then a Frisbee throw of the disk into the garbage. That is what I thought when picking out the disk from the box of CDs to review; now I think that I will probably return to this album at times, as it is a really good one.

They go down the melodic hardrock route; a bit AOR is probably not too faulty as a term for it either. Not really deviating far from the paths most often threaded by their genre peers. But they do just enough to stray somewhere outside the most common paths that leads into the melodic rock/hardrock black hole from which no record can escape, most albums I review from this genre seem to end up there. Not these guys though, this album has a sense of freshness to it and it is not often it actually feels like listening to a new album but it does with this one. They have a good vocalist that brings life to the songs and the production is really strong as well.

No weaknesses and the only complaint is probably that not all songs are masterpieces of epic proportions but some of them are. Hero that was written by some Vega profiles is a good one and so is the opener but I think that Nukedown is quite fantastic, like hardrock pornography. It is a great song that can be played on repeat for an entire car journey. But those mentioned are not the only great ones, most of the songs have a strong hit potential and with the right exposure Alchemy can achieve some strong success. I know I really like this album and would have bought it if I didn’t already own it.

You should not miss this one if you enjoy the melodic hardrock genre because it is probably one of the absolute best melodic hardrock albums in 2019 and that should be reason enough to have a look at it. It takes repeated listening and is much less boring than most of the stuff released in this genre nowadays. And if we did end up not surviving the rain we could die relatively happy if we did listen to this album before we died. A highly recommended album, that’s the conclusion.





Label: Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group
Three similar bands: Firmo/Wheels of Fire/Vega

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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