01. A Place For Judgement Day
02. Heart Of Stone
03. Shadows And Lights
04. Maybe Forever
05. No Prisoners
06. Didn't Wanna Care
07. Unbreakable
08. Don't Dare To Call It Love
09. Cowboys Once, Cowboys Forever
10. Rehab
11. Until Forever Comes
12. Everything

Gianluca Firmo - Lead & Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri - Backing Vocals
Mattia "Noise Maker" Tedesco - Guitars
Nicola Iazzi - Bass
Daniele Valseriati - Drums & Percussion


Paul Laine - Backing Vocals
Mario Percudani - Guitars
Stefano Zeni - Guitars
Carlo Poddighe - Guitars
Pier Mazzini - Keyboards
Andrea Cinelli - Piano
Alessandro Moro - Sax

Produced by Gianluca Firmo
Recorded at Atomic Stuff Studio (Isorella - Italy) with sound engineer Oscar Burato
Mastering by Roberto Priori
CD graphics by Aeglos Art

Released 2018-10-19
Reviewed 2019-03-29

burning minds group

As I dig through my pile of physical albums to review I sometimes end up with older albums, this is probably because I don’t really remove the older albums after a certain time as I tend to do with the digital promos. This album I found now was released back in October and it was released by Italian musician Gianluca Firmo under the Firmo moniker, his first solo album, he was first brought into consciousness of the rock fans with Room Experience fronted by David Readman in 2015. Because of that release Street Symphonies approached Gianluca for a solo album where he could show some other side of his ability to make music. And he offers a dozen tracks and when we have heard them all, we have heard everything.

Melodic rock is the style of Firmo, it is very melodic and catchy with strong melodies and choruses. The songs are of a character you would want to sing along with and they have strong hit potential without being repetitive, I like how Firmo uses long choruses with many words instead of repeating the same phrases as many bands do. And Firmo does sing quite well, he may not have the most fantastic voice in the world but the way he sings suits this album very well. Perhaps the album could have been a bit more varied but it is sensible in playing time and the production is really good.

It is a really good album, this one called Rehab. It has a dozen strong tracks and the only slight weaknesses are that it isn’t really breaking new ground musically and the end is a bit tame compared to how the album begins – but it has everything. The opening track is a work of brilliance, one of those great and catchy songs that you can listen to over and over and over and over again without getting bored with it. Then I also think the title track along with Didn’t Wanna Care and some more are other noteworthy tracks on an album that offers some excellent music. I think Gianluca Firmo has put together something quite special here, he may not really think too much outside the box in terms of style but his song writing is quite excellent.

I can highly recommend this strong album; it is well worth giving some moments of your time. There are excellent hit songs here, and they are really well written so that they will not feel repetitive even with repeated listening. And at the conclusion you will notice that the album offers everything, so why not check it out? It will be worth it.





Label: Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group
Three similar bands: Room Experience/Wheels of Fire/Danger Zone

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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