Universe Infinity
Rock is Alive

1. Start Give All Your Love
2. Catch Of My Life
3. Company’s Coming
4. She Can’t Get Enough
5. Red Submarines
6. Born In Flames
7. Rock Is Alive
8. We Were Just Dancing
9. Lady Luck
10. Streets Of Hate

Michael Kling – Lead Guitar
Andreas Eklund – Vocals
Hasse Hagman – Bass
Freddy Kriström – Keyboard
Anders Wetterström – Drums
Per Nilsson - Guitar

Universe (1985)


Produced by Michael Kling and Per Nilsson at Kling Studios
Mixed and mastered by Stefan Helleblad
Drums recorded in Standstraight Studio One Scandinavia
Artwork by Sylvain Lucchina at Razor Images


Released 2018-04-13
Reviewed 2018-05-15


pride& joy

Rock is alive according to the band from Upplands Väsby called Universe Infinity. This band begun way back in the eighties when they called themselves Universe, they released one album under that name in 1985 and now they have returned with an increased name and some new songs. One thing we do know from just looking at them is that they have a flair for stating the obvious and likes to have ordinary artworks as well. And I think they aren’t exactly breaking new musical ground as well, they like to stick to tried and tested stuff.

On the musical subject they sound more modern than they do on the rereleased debut album, it was more straightforward hard rock/heavy metal back then and it is more melodic now a bit more in the AOR direction. The production is modern and contemporary, just like Universe in 1985 this sound like a rather typical album of its time – no real surprises. It is kept short enough and varied enough for the listener to feel entertained enough through the entire playing time.

Cautious perhaps but good, good songs, easy to like and easy to enjoy is what it is and fans of the nostalgic disposition will find this album most appealing. For those who enjoy things the way they usually are it is a great album to check out. As a critic I have to point out that it isn’t exactly an album bringing anything new to the scene, it plays on the tried and tested and does it well. The songs are good and in the song department I don’t think the album has any weaknesses, the real flaws I see is probably the lack of surprises and that sort of thing.

Killer tracks or a killer track would not have been a bad thing either as there is nothing that quite draws me towards this album. I like it, I think it is good with good songs and quite enjoyable in the same way as the debut – a likeable but perhaps not a standout album. I would say that if you like the classic hardrock/AOR music this would be a pretty good choice; the guys make a solid comeback.




Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Rainbow/Europe/Deep Purple
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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