1. Rolling On
2. Stories From The Old Days
3. Weekend Warrior
4. Lonely Child
5. Looking For Answer
6. Angel
7. Woman
8. Strong Vibration
9. Burning Machine
10. Question of Time

Michael Kling – Lead Guitar
Andreas Eklund – Vocals
Hasse Hagman – Bass
Freddy Kriström – Keyboard
Anders Wetterström – Drums
Per Nilsson - Guitar




Released 2018-04-13
Reviewed 2018-05-13


pride& joy

The universe is a grand and fascinating thing, the place where we all exist along with many other things and creatures. An endless and vast place with countless planets and stars and what have you, we live on one of those small and insignificant planets in one of those small and insignificant star systems of which there are countless in our galaxy which is just one of all the galaxies in this universe. And Universe is also the name of this band that came out of Upplands Väsby near Stockholm, the same place as more famous band Europe. They were active between 1982 and 1988 and released their only album in 1985, this album. Now they are back though under the name Universe Infinity and have an album out this year so perhaps this is a valid rerelease so that new fans will have the chance to get to know the band.

This album was released over 30 years ago and that is quite obvious as it sounds rather dated, very eighties I think. It makes me think of the Difficult to Cure album by Rainbow, it has the same kind of eighties hard rocking groove to it. The album also has good vocals, a decent variation and a very sensible playing time – it is a good show of eighties nostalgia for the ones living in the past, dreaming of past glories. Though you shouldn’t really expect to be hearing anything you haven’t heard before because it was hardly fresh then and even less so nowadays, but it is really well made.

The album is a good one with good songs and all of that, for the one who enjoys eighties nostalgia it is a great addition to the record collection. Then the point and validity of the release can be argued and in the grand scheme of music it may not really add much in the even grander scheme of things one can argue that it is completely pointless but for those wanting to know Universe Infinity after liking their album or those who wants some great eighties hard rock it can be a good addition to the collection.

This is an album I have enjoyed somewhat, perhaps because I grew up with this kind of music and this appeals to the nostalgic feelings and feels very good and familiar. So with both music and artwork being very eighties it has to be something for the enthusiast of the eighties hard rock and had it been released on vinyl I would have bought it immediately. Dated but enjoyable.




Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Rainbow/Europe/Deep Purple
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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