Resilient Heart

1. Any Time At All
2. Wicked City Blues
3. Karma
4. Desire
5. I Don't Know Why
6. Two Coins And A Dead Man
7. Ain't Got The Balls
8.Forest Through The Trees
9. Perfect Apocalypse
10. Live Before You Die

David Reece - vocals
Marco Angioni - Guitar
Martin J. Andersen - guitar
Malte Frederik Burkert - bass
Sigurd J. Jensen - drums

Universal Language (2009)
Compromise ‎(2013)


Recorded at Death Island Studio in Denmark
Produced by Marco Angioni

Released 2018-11-09
Reviewed 2018-12-02

mighty music

David Reece is a well-known singer who has appeared as frontman for bands like Accept, Bangalore Choir and more. He has also done some solo albums like this new one called Resilient Heart, probably a fitting title for a singer and musician as experienced as David Reece – a resilient musician. I like Reece as a singer and the albums he appears on are usually pretty good, the problem is that he often appears on albums that are quite questionable from a creative standpoint. That is something that makes most of his albums good but ultimately forgettable, so what about this one?

A first thought was who made that dull artwork, and why was it used – that alone makes this album difficult to purchase for myself, it doesn’t really matter how good it is. The music itself is quite familiar and could be rejects from Bangalore Choir, the Reece Kronlund album, Accept or anything else, it doesn’t really feel like he digs something up from his creative depths but rather makes the same thing he has been doing all the time. The sound is also similar to other similar music, a good production and the Danish band he has behind him does their work well but it still sounds fairly ordinary in that regard. Even the variation of the songs feels quite similar, the vocals is the strongest point and perhaps also that the album is kept short enough.

Vocals alone can however only do so much, and while the songs push the right buttons and are done well it is hard to see that they will be remembered for long. The fans of Reece and his stuff will like this album, as it is the same thing as he usually does and there are no surprises pleasant or otherwise. It is solid hardrock/heavy metal songs with decent energy and life, it is a fine album to listen to for a while but I doubt that I personally will ever return to it now that I am done with it, and I can’t say that I think that any of the tracks stand out and makes me take notice – it might not be that much hit potential in this album.

It is that middle of the road type of albums, too good to be considered below average but also too poor to be seen as above average. It is good enough for Reece’s fans and I guess that is probably all that is needed and I doubt that those getting it will dislike it. Resilient Heart is another solid album by David Reece, he has done quite a few of those now.




Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Reece Kronlund/Accept/Bonfire
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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