Heroes in Time

001. Afterlife
02. Purpose of Life
03. Nightmare
04. The Hunter
05. Heroes in Time
06. Power of Metal
07. Over and Done
08. The Light of Orion
09. In The Middle of the Night
10. Black Horse Rider
11. The Great Force Within Ust Change
13. Symphony of Tears

Emma Bensing - vocals
Edwin Premberg - guitar
Robert Örnesved - guitar
Robert Majd - bass
Lea Larsson - drums


Fraser Edwards
Jakob Svensson

Produced by Jacob Hansen
Artwork by Jan Yrlund

Released 2017-10-27
Reviewed 2017-12-02

inner wound

The Yrlund cover art would seem to indicate the Swedish debutants Metalite’s Heroes in Time album is an album in the power metal genre. Metalite is a band founded in 2015 by singer Emma and guitarist Edwin who share the love of poppy melodic songs without compromising their love of metal. Heroes in Time is the result of this love, an album that is said to be impressively produced and worked through in detail. The artwork sure is detailed and fairly impressive, so what about the album?

It is melodic metal, or power metal depending on whom you ask. The songs are catchy, very melodic with choruses that are instantly accessible and will probably appeal to many genre fans. The melodies are the prevailing thing and the production can be described as a very good production, kind of like they usually are when Jacob Hansen is handling the knobs. Vocalist Emma is very good as well; her voice fits well with the music the band offers. And the songs are kind of the usual power metal variety; there are no real surprises on offer here.

I think that it is a solid production and a good album; the songs are good and catchy. It is an easily accessible album that is easy to like from the first time you play it and hear the strong opening track Afterlife that is probably my highlight of this album. But it is also an album that is easy to grow a bit tired of, it doesn’t have that much depth so you kind of instantly like it and then play it a few time and grow a little bit tired with it. One could describe it as an album that starts out well but doesn’t quite have the longevity of the best albums in the genre, but they show quite a bit of promise.

I think this is a band with great potential, they show some promise but the album isn’t quite there. We get a moment of great entertainment but in the end it is an album that I will not remember when I am to summarise the year. I think it is an album that could appeal to fans of female fronted power metal so if you like that or any of the similar bands mentioned in this review I think you should have a closer look at this album. Heroes in Time is a good debut but Metalite need to do more than this if they want to be more just another name in the power metal genre.




Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Three similar bands:
Beyond The Black/Amaranthe/Dynazty
Rating: HHHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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