01. Cross The Line
02. Starlight
03. Dawn Of Your Creation
04. The Northern End
05. Incarnation
06. Run Amok
07. Unholy Deterrent
08. Sunrise In Hell
09. Salvation
10. A Divine Comedy

Nils Molin - vocals
Love Magnusson - guitar
Mike Lavér - guitar
Jonathan Olsson - bass
George Egg - drums

Bring the Thunder (2009)
Knock You Down (2011)
Sultans of Sin (2012)


Recorded and engineered at “Black lounge” and “The Abyss” studios in Pärlby, Sweden by Jonas Kjellgren
Produced by Dynazty
Album artwork by artist Vira Haglund

Released 2014-03-28
Reviewed 2014-02-25


spinefarm records

Swedish band Dynazty are back with their fourth album, a busy band it seems considering that they released their debut album in 2009. Not only are they busy with making albums they have also made appearances on Melodifestivalen which is the freakshow of dreadful music that qualifies the Swedish representative for the Eurovision Song Contest, apparently they were close to the top ten. Strange thing to use up words in a short biography for the press, they didn’t even win. But apparently they are a household name, a name I have missed since before two weeks ago I hadn’t heard a word about this quintet. Now I have sampled their fourth album, which is called Renatus and has a fairly dull cover artwork and ten tracks.

Their music is radio friendly hair metal, high paced, powerful and melodic. Built around distinct choruses, and strong melodies. It is nothing that we haven’t heard before but it is well produced. It is easy to take in but it has enough for you not to get too easily bored as well. I would describe it as a quality production, I think it pushes the right buttons for the possibility to go down well commercially so with the right exposure I think they will do very well with this album.

It is a good album, the ten songs are all strong, vocals are quite good and the melodies works really well. I like this album, it is catchy, good, powerful and fairly exciting despite the general lack of musical imagination. The only real complaint you could have is that the band make music that we all know and have heard already. But to find any real flaws you need to do a lot of nitpicking as there is nothing really wrong with this album, it is just really good and I enjoy listening to it and I am sure a wide musical audience will do as well.

Best tracks are the first one and the last one, those are the most memorable but all the tracks on the album are good. Who would have thought something like that about a band competing in a silly music competition? I wouldn’t but I can clearly recommend this album for anyone who likes a bit of hair metal.




Label: Spinefarm Records/Triada
Three similar bands: H.E.A.T./Crazy Lixx/The Poodles
Betyg: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm

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