Nox Interna
Spiritual Havoc

1. Kill Yourself And Be Reborn
2. An Eastern Song
3. Parasites
4. Tomorrow Never Knows
5. Agua De Vida
6. The Last Sip Of Hope
7. The Rotten Wings Of Truth
8. Dead Heroes
9. Sleeping In The Asylum
10. El Cicio
11. Art Of Chaos
12. Rebell Yell
13. Sons Of Silence

Richy Nox - Vocals
Peter Geltat - Guitar
Robert Mueller - Bass & Programming

XIII (2009)
The Seeds of Disdain (2011)

Tobias Haas - drums
Bora Öksüs - bass
Tom Krüger - keyboard programming

Vocals & drums recorded by Rowan Smy, Tricone Studios, Berlin
Mixed and produced by John Fryer
Mastered by Reza Udhin, Cryonica Studios, London
Vocal Assistant Reza Udhin
Photography Laura Mimun and Macabre Pariah
Artwork and design by Richy Nox

Released 2015-06-26
Reviewed 2015-06-28



Spanish-German band Nox Interna is back with their third album. After spreading the Seeds of Disdain they are now wreaking Spiritual Havoc on the world of Gothic metal. Looking at the cover one can certainly say that they look the part. This time they have managed a better artwork than last time and with four years of additional knowledge one might suspect that they can make something exciting and improve upon the good album they made last time around.

Still it is gothic metal, with lots of industrial touches. In many ways it is quite typical of the genre, the same style of vocals, moods and all of that – especially in the opening part of the album. Not particularly heavy, it has a dark and pretty heavy mood to it. Quite a bit of depth as well, the production is very solid and the vocalist is fairly good slightly above the genre average I would say – though I think the vocals could have been a bit better articulated as it is very difficult to make out what he is singing. There are thirteen tracks on the album and they are relatively varied, and have a bit of depth to them so it is an album that will have some longevity for its listener. Fans of the gothic metal genre will most likely find this album enjoyable.

It is a very good album, the songs are overall very strong but the album ends much better than it begins. And maybe the album is tad on the long side but that is slightly offset by the fact that it ends better than it starts. I think that compared with the previous album it is a step forward and it is a great gothic metal album, one of the better I have heard in a while. It is great also that they sing in Spanish at a few of the tracks, and the singer’s performance is a whole lot better in those tracks than the ones where he sings in English as his English isn’t that good.

The best track on the album is Sleeping in the Asylum which is a really catchy tune, Agua de Vida and El Ciclo along with Art of Chaos are other songs that is worthy of a little attention. There is also a Billy Idol-cover, the song is Rebel Yell and I think the band do justice to that song with this version. It is an album well worth looking closer at and I doubt it will disappoint anyone.



Label: Echozone
Three similar bands: Daedalean Complex/Him/Icon and the Black Roses
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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