1. Succubus
2. Little Devil Ride
3. Ave Satani
4. Voodoo Girl
5. Hellbound
6. Intermission
7. 7even
8. Dead Inside
9. Grub Girl
10. Sin Eater
11. Lady Death
12. Spider Baby
13. Haunted Hill

Jonas Hygren - Vocals
Jerker Johansson - Guitar
Jörgen Svärd - Lead Guitar
Micke Backelin - Drums
Timo Hagström - Bass



The cover was made by Jonas Beijer and the artwork by Edward J. Freak

Released 2013-05-28
Reviewed 2013-09-19


Six could be the name of this band, a band who might have taken their name from the hexadecimal system, or a hexagon. It might also be a malicious spell, or a curse that inspires this band’s name. I am leaning towards the latter, they have a sense of a horror theme to their style. Also a bit of a devilish touch. They are a Swedish band and this is their debut album, one thing I could desire is that they could have chosen a better title for their debut album. This is a very difficult name to really search for information through the web.

Musically it is horror rock, sort of industrial with keyboards and a hoarse vocalist. Darkish, hellish music I think you can say, sort of a rougher heavy metal is another way I could describe it. It is fairly varied this album, the tempo is mainly midtempo but there are some variations to this as well. The songs are a fairly varied in style, not to a level that makes them incoherent. The album has thirteen tracks, why not sixteen or six? that would have been in line with the title. Fifty minutes of music is a bit on the long side, even though the album is quite varied and well produced. I would describe this as a fairly well produced album, I think they do well with their debut.

It is a good album, no doubt about that. Not fantastic though, the major shortcoming is the static nature of the album. It becomes difficult to really care about towards the end of the album, meaning that it is not an easy album to follow all the way through. I think this album is too long, there’s just too much. I like the album overall but they really could have done away with a few tracks, that would have made the album more direct, more exciting, more interesting. Not as long as it is now. A shorter album would have been better. Thing is though, that this seems to be something that is common amongst debuting bands to bring too much of their stuff at once. I think this is a band that shows great promise, and they have started out with a good piece of music.

I think that amongst the tracks the third one called Ave Satani is the one that falls mostly in favour of me, I think that is a great track. Then we have a few more that I really like, maybe the opening one called Succubus is the most noticeable there. Overall it is a strong album, a likeable album. I think Hex shows that they have something going for them, they will most likely be doing some impressive stuff in the not so distant future. This is fairly impressive and has to be described as a good debut. You should check it out if you like horror metal.




Label: logic(il)logic Records
Three similar bands: Badmotorfinger/Wednesday 13/Rob Zombie
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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