Wednesday 13 - Skeletons

13a. Scream Baby Scream
13b. Not Another Teenage Anthem
13c. Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed
13d. From Here to Hearse
13e. Put Your Death Mask On
13f. Skeletons
13g. My Demise
13h. With Friends Like These…
13i. No Rabbit in the Hat
13j. All American Massacre
13k. Dead Carolina

Wednesday 13 (V)
Nate Manor (B)
J-Sin Trioxin (G)
Acey Slade (G)
Jonny Chops (D)

Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead (2005)
Fang Bang (2006)


OWednesday 13, why not Friday? Guess the movie franchise with the name Friday 13 put an end to that thing, but who really wants to call oneself Wednesday 13? Why not 18 or 471? Maybe 823 or 12? But I guess it is up to each and everyone to select the band and artist name of their choice, just look at Alice Cooper.

Horror metal, I have heard that term before, namely a band named The Vision Bleak which I hold as an amazing band and whom I also added to the similar bands section here even though the biggest similarity between them and Wednesday is the genre. Kind of strange to label ones music like that but looking at the titles it is quite accurate.

Musically I got the vibes of Alice Cooper immediately when I heard this, and when reading the promo sheet I noticed that named man/band is an inspiration to the Wednesday man. Musically it is quite straightforward music with the known distorted guitars and powerful baselines and drums. The vocals are raspier than a coffee machine and reminds very much of Alice Cooper even in the tones used, the inspiration is striking really.

I really disliked this record to start with and was ready to bring out the really big chainsaw, but. There is a but to the chainsaw thing, the record grows on you and after three times I felt it was okay, not good but okay and lately I have been warming up even more but the last few times listening through the records hasn’t yielded any more warming up and I feel the record has reached its optimum level in my consciousness, and that level is OK and nothing more. It is alright but not any better than that, in the best of wills maybe stretching it to a four would be remotely possible. Such things are not an option for us though, a three it is and nothing will change that.

I see a problem with this record that is the fact that all the songs tend to blend together all the time, it is really hard to separate the songs from one another and that always tend to be a negative point for me. I have no real favourite songs among the songs here, they sound almost the same so it is hard to pick one or a few out.

Well, not to be too long here, going for an end of this review text. I think this record is alright but it is really not anything more than that, had it been shorter or the tracks been more easy to tell apart then maybe a four could be closer than now.

This is horror metal where the horror part is the fact that it is close to impossible to tell which song you are listening to and the fact that Alice Cooper seem to be this guy’s idol.


Label - DM2/Demolition Records
Three similar bands - Alice Cooper/The Vision Bleak/Murderdolls
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm