It's Not the End

1. Introduction
2. The Fear
3. Ghost
4. Ride The Storm
5. Loser
6. Nightmares
7. Brand New Day
8. No Second Chance
9. Afterlife
10. Beginning Of The End
11. Rebel
12. Inside Insanity
13. Rock ‘n’ Roll

Tommy - Bass
Barra - Drums
Alex - Guitars
Heavy Rico - Guitars
Il Reverendo - Vocals


Luigi "Sange" Sangermano

Released 2013-04-15
Reviewed 2013-09-15


Today I am reviewing albums from bands that are seemingly inspired by Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger was an album by Soundgarden that was released in 1991. It’s Not the End is the debut album by this italian band, cleverly titled. It also has a pretty cool album cover, sort of a power plant feel to it, something powerful is what it looks like. Overall I think just by looking at the cover artwork, the band name, some song title, that you can conclude that this is a band dedicated to rock ideals and to classic rock. I mean a name that is a record title and ending the album with a Motörhead cover song, if that isn’t a giveaway then what is?

What we get from this album is quite traditional rock music, or grunge but it is also crossed over with some metal, meaning that it is a lot heavier than the usual versions of this kind of music. The album is also quite varied, with songs of differing kinds. The singer is quite rough and aggressive, he suits the music that is also quite rough, very well. It is a strong and powerful album. It is also a very well produced album, the roughness suits this band very well and it suits their style and I think that we can describe this as a very mature album. Especially considering that this is a debut album, this band sure has a lot going for them. I would say that it is a very strongly produced and well made debut album.

I like this album, it may not be the best I have ever heard, it is a bit on the long side which is always a misfortune for an album intending to be the best. Maybe we can attribute that to the fact that it is a debut, inexperience might be why they didn’t sort away more songs. It is mostly a solid effort but in its best moments this album is excellent, the best songs are brilliant songs. I think there is a lot of greatness to come from these guys, sure they offer some now but when they really get their act together it will be excellent.

On this great debut I think that the song Afterlife is the absolute best, it is a powerful yet beautiful song, I love it. Loser and The Fear are other songs that I like on this album, not to say that the other songs are bad in any way. They are solid songs but I think there is a bit too much of it, too many songs and too many minutes. So with a bit less songs we would have a more distinct and exciting album but that is probably something the future might bring.

So, in the end I consider this a very strong and very solid debut, maybe not the strongest album ever but judging from the quality of it at its best, I would say that this band will bring some excellent stuff in the future. Until then you can always enjoy this album which only downfall is that it is a tad on the long side.




Label: logic(il)logic Records
Three similar bands: Soundgarden/Nirvana/Motorfinger
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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