Covered Call

1. Lorraine
2. When the lights are out
3. Think about all times
4 Look into your mind
5. Hold on
6. Make a wish
7. Nothing lasts forever
8. Wake up
9. When I ́m gone
10. Live it up
11. Last goodbye

Göran Edman - Lead vocals
Joel Carlsson - Guitars
Morgan Rosenquist - Guitar
Andy Loos - Bass
Ronny Svanströmer - Drums

Money never sleeps (2009)

Lars Chriss - guitar solo on track 5

Recorded by Covered Call at Studio Fredman
Mixed by Lars Chriss at LS Studio

Released 2013-03-28
Reviewed 2013-02-28


Covered Call is a term used to describe a type of trading with stocks and options in the stock exchanges, the band with that name however is said to be as far from this as possible. They are from the deep forests of Sweden and they are releasing their second album called Impact in a while, the question that raises is if it will make any bigger impact on the musical world. They have the right tools to do so with skilled musicians and of course the brilliant singer Göran Edman who has a great voice. And it also has a lovely album cover so it would look as though the fans of the melodic rock or AOR genre can be in for a treat.

As you might have guessed it is a melodic rock album, not heavy nor uptempo but songs that are very melodic and has very catchy choruses. Göran Edman has a great voice and sings really well on this album, that along with a great production makes this feel like a quality product. Not much in terms of variation though but at the same time it isn’t static as it has enough variation to last well enough during the 44 minutes it goes on for and I would describe this album as a quality product overall.

I think it is a good album, it is strong in most terms with good songs and good melodies along with good production and singing. When we look at the overall quality there is not much to complain about but one thing is that it gives a feeling that I’ve heard it before, several times and many times that which I heard before also felt better than this. This lack of uniqueness is something that is quite common in the genre and to stand out within AOR today you either need to stand out in some way or you need to be exceptionally good and unfortunately Covered Call is neither. They are not bad however, and it is a good album to listen to. As I just stated, it is a problem that they sound like stuff of old and is not quite good enough to trump that but maybe the bigger problem is that even though the eleven tracks on the album are all good, it still lacks that track with the real hit feeling and such a track is a must if you want to make a standout album in this genre.

I don’t want to tell you just to dismiss this album as it is a good solid album and chances are that it has something that appeals to you if you like the genre but then again chances are equally good that it hasn’t. It is a good album to listen to but it lacks that little extra that makes a good album great.




Label: AOR Heaven/Germusica
Three similar bands: Taste/Sencelled/Big Life
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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