01 - Breathe Out
02 - I Love the Way You Are
03 - Wild One
04 - Miracle
05 - Oh, Sarah
06 - One Night Stand
07 - I Wanted You
08 - Tommy & Gina
09 - Things I Feel
10 - Carry On

Erik Holmberg - Lead vocals, guitars
Fredrik Askenström - Guitars, Backing vocals
Matthias Ohlsén - Bass, Backing vocals
Christoffer Ahl - Drums, Percussion


Tommy Denander (guitars, loop programming)
Mats Olausson (keyboards)
Kristoffer Lagerström (backing vocals)
Hank Erix from Houston (backing vocals)

Produced and co-written by Ricky B Delin
Mixed by Robert Wellerfors

Released 23/9-2011
Reviewed 2/10-2011


Swedish melodic rockers with the name of Sencelled release their debut album which they cleverly have titled, Sencelled as well. A name I think is good in the way that it is short and easy, but it just says absolutely nothing and it means nothing. Why not name the band cloverheart or professorhat, it says just as little and mean nothing as they aren’t real words either. But that is not the biggest initial hurdle for this album, the cover looks awful and it makes me want to throw up all over my glossy screen just by looking at it. It is so terrible that I would not even look at it had it not been for it being provided for review. And then we have the promotional information that is plain rubbish as well, speaking about a band that is melodic rock not far from AOR, why is it not AOR? it is easier to say and it is something people recognise while a near-AOR experience might be a tad harder to explain and therefore sell. And why not throw in some more empty words of rock propagande speaking of the producer behind last year’s “fantastic” release by Houston and the “legendary” Robert Wellerfors? The sound is also described as Rick Springfield with a touch of old Green Day mixed in, which is just more empty words. So all of this would really add up to an album that would seem completely uninteresting and end up being something I should pass over. Sadly I cannot pass over albums that seem boring and sometimes these albums end up being rather good.

Musically this is what is generally known as a near-AOR experience according to the label, I will however say that it is AOR as it is much easier for potential music buyers to understand what it is. The album is very melodic with catchy choruses and an overall melodic disposition, it something that runs through all the ten tracks of the album. These ten tracks take just over 41 minutes to play through, the production is as polished as the best of diamonds shining brilliantly over a sound that’s as clean as a shiny diamond. Some would call it radio friendly pop-rock music which puts it along with big names like Metallica or Iron Maiden and it will work along with Lady BlaBla and that awful Adele or whatever her name is that they always play on Swedish radio.

Ambivalence is the word that I can mostly connect with this album, it is musically often really good with catchy melodies and choruses. It is music that you just want to sing along with, until you start singing along and notice the horrifically bad lyrics. Shit is not a word that accurately describes the terribleness of the lyrics, I would describe it as diarrhea mixed with a hundred decomposing corpses in an outhouse loo, it stinks. And track four called Miracle who thought that would have been a good idea? That track is just awful, it just repeat the same shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again and so on, a track to always skip in order to make this album a whole lot better as that track is so fucking bad. Then I really have to add that I really love several of the songs, at least for as long as I manage to ignore the stupid and bad lyrics, which is something I manage to do most of the time.

What did you say? You don’t believe me about the lyrics? Let me give you an example from the album then: “Tommy’s car got towed away and Gina forgot her hairspray, in the car, in the backseat of the car” if that isn’t bad to you I think you need a head check, it has to be one of the stupidest choruses that has ever been heard on this planet. I do believe it will be more or less impossible to write lyrics that is more stupid than this.

In the end Sencelled leave me with a sense of ambivalence. Their cover art sucks worse than a Nilfisk and they are marketed in a rubbish way that is no more than word pooping and stupid, and the only possible people who will like that kind of marketing are stupid bloggers. They also write lyrics that even my son would outdo (you should know that I have no son and don’t want any of those either). They do however create great melodies with fantastic choruses and they are amazing as long as you remember to ignore the shit for lyrics. So, ambivalence is the word of the day, this album can really be completely awful but at the same time being really great.





Label: Rocket Songs/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands:Big Life/Sepentine/Toto
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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