1. Greed
2. Watchmen
3. December
4. Labyrinth Chamber
5. Falling
6. Ants
7. Threatening Shadow
8. Exorcism
9. Inteloslave
10. Orchid Eternal
11. Chicago

Lorenz Wetscher - Vocals, Guitars
Robin Marien - Vocals, Guitars
Mark Schmidts - Bass
Christian Trinkerl - Drums

Theatre Of Misery (2009)



Released 23/11-2012
Reviewed 5/12-2012


Uritup has a very modern name in that it derives from the T9-wordbook in a mobile phone that was to write the last name of the drummer but came up wit Uritup which became the name of this german quartet. Some reviewer wrote that he did not understand the name citing his own stupidity as it is said in the press material that accompanied the promo for this album, as a reviewer I think you should always read all such material and then do some more research to know as much as possible about what you review, so if you read a review saying that they don’t know the reason for the name, remember that they are incompetent. But let us divert the attention back to the album at hand, it is the second one of this quartet and it has an understated album cover and does not seem that interesting at the face of it. Mentions of rock and all of that is to be found and the fact that they have done a fair bit of live playing, but what about this album?

It is one of melodic rock music, with a modern touch and a modern sound. It is with catchy choruses, some aggression, much melodies and a rather heavy sound as well as varied. It has a tempo leaning towards a high tempo but at the same time it is dynamic and it is quite energetic with a singer that is a bit on the forgettable side. The production however, is not forgettable but rather really good and solid. The album sounds like a quality product I have to say, it is well made and it sounds really good to listen to. And it is also kept in check with a decent playing time of the eleven tracks that is around 46 minutes, that is not long enough to get bored.

There is however a difference between a good production and a good album as the songs also needs to be good in a good album, which they are. All the songs are really good and this album does not really have any major flaws, if you really want one I guess you can say that the fact that they do not shows much of a unique sound is a bit of a flaw but that is really looking for it. No all the aspects of this album comes together to form a really good as well as solid product, one that I can recommend to anyone who enjoys modern melodic rock music. I think it was a bit of a surprise as I wasn’t expecting the album to be as good as it is from what i saw when downloading the promo package but I always enjoy a pleasant surprise even if it make me look a bit of a dangerous dog now that I have given some five or six five pointers in a row.

But this album is that good and best is the opening pair of songs along with the second to last song, this trio of Greed, Watchmen and Orchid Eternal makes for a great trio of standouts in a group of great songs. I would say that this is a great album and if you are into modern melodic heavy metal or hardrock you should really take a look at this because it will be worth it, funny name by the way, Uritup.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Love.Might.Kill/Live/Eat the Gun
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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