Eat The Gun

1. Runner
2. The Evil in You and Me
3. The Remedy
4. Not Dead Yet
5. Daredevil Supreme
6. Down in the Fire
7. Liberator
8. Give Sight to the Blind
9. I Am Obsessed
10. My Retribution
11. 365

Hendrik Ücüncü – Voice & Guitar
Phil Hüls – Bass
Gereon Homann – Drums

Kingsize (2002)
Cross Your Fingers (2006)
Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion (2009)


produced by Toni Meloni

Released 30/8-2011
Reviewed 21/8-2011


German band who likes to eat unconventional dishes releases and album where they confess themselves as runners and ask us if we are as well. So are you a runner too? The band has been fairly successful during their career so far which has seen two albums and an EP making Runner their fourth release. They have also won a rock concert in Bilbao and reached some charts as well. According to the promo sheet they make songs that are both intuitive and gripping and at the same time thought provoking and disturbing. They produce catchy and driving modern stadium rock ready for the stage, nothing more and nothing less, according to the ones that have written the promo sheet that is.

Musically I think Eat The Gun can be described as modern rock music, they go for straight ahead rock music with catchy choruses and the tried and tested song structure of the genre. They work with simplistic song structures and you do not really need to be a great genius to understand what it is all about. They also have a singer that sound like most other singers in the genre to be honest, like a guy singing rock music, nothing special to be honest. Production is what can be expected from the genre, it does what it is supposed to and the soundscape is what can be expected when looking at the genre. Runner offers us eleven tracks and forty five minutes of music.

I think this album really starts out brilliantly, it is hard to see a rock album that begins better, or at least much better than this does. It starts with the title track which is a brilliant rock song that you just want to sing along with, it sets a tone of a great album in progress and even if it dips to the second track which is alright but nothing else it takes off again in the third track The Remedy. So, looking at the first three tracks one might expect a brilliant rock album and in track six Daredevil Supreme we have another highlight of the album but then its getting a lot thinner with something to write about.

Besides the three tracks I mentioned there is not much I find that amusing to be honest, it is alright but forgetful and feels more or less like most modern rock music. This also makes the album feel too long, especially towards the end where there is not much of interest at all to be honest. I think the band too much lack identity and does what the others do, they do succeed at times to make good songs but in general this album is forgetful.

Runner is an album that I think you will like if you enjoy modern rock music and do not look for exciting new ideas or individual traits. If you aren’t I think you’ll find this an album that you pass without much notice. I would say it is an okay but rather forgetful album with a few good highlights. And I do think they are quite wrong in the promo sheet, there is nothing thought provoking whatsoever about this album.


Label: Metalville/Flying Dolphin Entertainment
Three similar bands: Smeer/Danko Jones/Backyard Babies
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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