Trick or Treat
Rabbit's Hill pt.1

Label: Valery Records/Metalville/Flying Dolphin Entertainment
Three similar bands: Helloween/Freedom Call/Angra
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Dawn Of Times
02. Prince With A 1000 Enemies
03. Spring In The Warren
04. Premonition
05. Wrong Turn
06. False Paradise
07. Between Anger And Tears
08. Rabbit's Hill
09. The Tale Of Rowsby Woof
10. SassoSpasso
11. I'll Come Back For You
12. Bright Eyes

Alessandro Conti - Vocals
Luca Setti - Drums
Guido Benedetti - Guitars
Luca Cabri - Guitars
Leone Villani Conti - Bass

Evil Needs Candy Too (2006)
Tin Soldiers (2009)

Andre Matos - Vocals on track 2
Damnagoras - Vocals
Fabio Dessi - Narration
Maurizio Cardullo - Bagpipes on track 9
Sonia Piacentini - Narration

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Domination Studio
Produced and engineered by Simone Mularoni & Trick or Treat
Keyboards engineered by Guido Benedetti & Luca Cabri
Band Photos by Christian & Elisa Daolio
Cover art and all illustrations by A. Conti

Released 2/11-2012
Reviewed 4/12-2012

valery records

When hearing these Italians third studio album Rabbit’s Hill pt.1 I come to think of two things. Firstly is that I think they must have been very inspired by Helloween considering their name and their musical style, and secondly that they must have been inspired for a story in this album by Richard Adams’ brilliant novel Watership Down which was also brilliantly animated into a great movie. And lo and behold, I was correct for once. They started out as a Helloween cover band and the story is as I believed from Adams’ novel, maybe the ending Art Garfunkel cover Bright Eyes helped me with the association to Watership Down. It was a long time I saw that movie but that song (Bright Eyes that is) still moves me and that is one timeless piece of music, from an animated movie that shows how it should be made. And you said rabbits and metal can’t match?

Musically it is power metal in nature which probably isn’t that much of a surprise, it is melodic with catchy choruses and all of that which usually is there in the genre, some narrations are added as well to covey the story perhaps. The songs are quite dynamic and varied and they are really well produced, the sound on this album is excellent. The vocals are also rather excellent and they tell the story well, I would say that this is a quality product for sure and that includes the metalised Bright Eyes which still feels amazing even in metal costume. But I will have to say that it is a major undertaking these guys have undertaken with bringing this amazing story into the world of metal music.

They do it well though and there is not much to remark about, the album is dynamic and not too long with its 46 minute playing time. It is also of a very high standard on the song department with no track that can be considered weak, sure I do not like narrations but on this album they work alright even though they don’t really add anything (but they don’t detract anything either). It is an album that is easy to take to and easy to listen to but which has more depth for the one looking closer. I would call this a great power metal album, plain and simple.

One weakness if you want to be picky though can be said to be found in the fact that the best track on the album is the one not written by the band but by Mike Batt but that is a sure way to have a timeless classic on the album. But I don’t think that is much of a downer on the band as this song is logical on the album because of the story and it is a great song and they perform it brilliantly, but their own tunes are really good as well. Prince of a 1000 Enemies is one that stucks in the mind as well as False Paradise and a few more, but all of the songs hold a really high standard on this album which I really like.

I advice all who enjoys power metal to have a closer look at this album because it is an excellent show of how power metal sounds when done well, but it is not just for the power metallers because it is a good album for anyone I think. Well performed, a story well told and a brilliant album, check it out.



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