Freedom Call - Dimensions

1. Demons dance
2. Innocent world
3. United alliance
4. Mr. Evil
5. Queen of my world
6. Light up the sky
7. Words of Endeavour
8. Blackened sun
9. Dimensions
10. My dying paradise
11. Magic moments

Chris Bay (S,G)
Lars Rettkowitz (G)
Armin Donderer (B)
Daniel Zimmermann (T)

The Circle of Life 2005
Eternity 2003
Crystal Empire 2001
Stairway to Fairyland 1999

Produced and mixed
by Tommy Newton


Killers of cliché, or defenders of metal? You will have to decide since I have my opinion clear already, I know what they, themselves think. I truly enjoy listening to Freedom Call, everything they have done so far is amazing. What happened with Dimensions is the same; it is at least equally good as the previous albums if not even better. Happy Metal or No-Metal or whaterver, somehow Freedom Call doesn’t care about metal conventions or rules, they do their own thing and they do it with a smile on their faces. They combine fast paced drumming with beautiful melodies and choruses that etch themselves into your head, choirs and smiling guitars is another great aspect of this amazing band.

I guess that you well informed reader is quite capable already to figure out the direction in which this review is going. This is written superlative for a band that really makes the listener feel good. I know that many metal fans and writers don’t like this band due to their none serious way to see metal. Fans and writers usually like the dead serious cliché bands, I on the other hand see it differently bands like i.e Manowar is really childish, Freedom Call makes it with a smile on their faces and doesn’t care about any convention. The best band with cliché lyrics no doubt and this record may well be the peak of their evolution so far by surpassing Crystal Empire and The Circle of Life.

There is no doubt that Freedom Call gives you a smile on your face no matter grumpiness level. Heavy Smiling Metal is perhaps the genre they play, or maybe not even metal at all but it doesn’t matter since they are one of the freakin’ masters of metal anyway. Freedom Call, Freedom Call, Freedom Call, Freedom Call, the chanting goes for this amazing bands who really deserves a real breakthrough. I would really like to know what it would be like with a Freedom Call concert in front of 150’000 people, they are probably the worlds greatest live band and that deserves a larger audience.

Dimensions then? Their best album so far and that ought to be enough explanation for you, it proves that great things are yet to come from these guys.

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Label - SPV
Three similar bands - Rhapsody of Fire/Metallium/Manowar
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm