Bangalore Choir

1. All the damage done
2. Trojan horse
3. Silhouettes on the shade
4. Metaphor
5. Don’t act surprised
6. Never face ole Joe alone
7. Scandinavian rose
8. Catch an angel fallin’
9. Civilised evil
10. Fools gold
11. Always be my angel

David Reece: Vocals
Andy Susemihl: Guitars
Curtis Mitchell: Guitars
Danny Greenberg: Bass
Rene Letters: Drums

On Target (1992)
On Target re-release (2010)
Cadence (2010)

Rikard Quist

Vocals produced and engineered by Jeremy Tappero
Album produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Susemihl
Jon Wilde - additional song writing

Released 27/4-2012
Reviewed 18/4-2012

metal heaven

A choir from Bangalore, India sings of a metaphor, does that sound interesting? if you think so you can read the rest of the review as well. Apparently Bangalore Choir was a band founded in the early nineties and released one album, then took an 18 year break before releasing a second album and now two years after that they are releasing another album called Metaphor which is by deducing from what I just wrote, their third album in a 20 year album releasing career, they have hardly been busy with this band. David Reece is the voice and main man of this band, he is most known for poor album covers considering the Reece Kronlund release Solid last year and this one which both have frankly quite poor album covers. Fortunately for Mr Reece it is not the cover that is what is being reviewed by us, and you should never judge a book by its cover, should you? the same is true for musical albums.

This album is melodic rock, maybe some would put the AOR label on it but I do not think it is correct as this album is not as polished in sound and neither does David Reece have that kind of voice, his is darker and rawer, more like David Coverdale if you know what I mean. The music also goes more towards the Whitesnakish hair metal and the likes of those, but still with a very melodic edge in guitars especially. The choruses are catchy and the sound is not really that different from what we got in the late eighties but it has a somewhat own touch and some songs that stand out makes it stand well on its own despite not being overly original. The production is good enough, nothing fancy and nothing that makes you take note. The album reaches a playing time of 41 minutes which is divided in eleven tracks with quite a bit of energy throughout.

So what about the album then? good, bad, indifferent, like a jar of lemons or like a snake that is white? Well I would say that it is good and also ugly in regards to the cover art. There is a good energy and good melodies and despite David Reece not being even close to a very good singer he is really good on this album where his voice just fits like a brain in a cranium. I was debating between a four and a five but ultimately decided to go with the higher rating for this one as it is really good and justifying a lower rating than five but still trying to point out how good the album is was not a brilliant idea so this is a good album.

I have two favourite tracks and one of them is not the opening track All the Damage Done, it is a good opening track but the best tracks on the album are Scandinavian Rose and Fools Gold which has something a little extra over the other tracks. No track is bad and there are some nice breaks like in Never Face Ole Joe Alone and Silhouettes on the Shade which makes this album such a much nicer experience to go through. I like this album as it has a lot of character and of course the most important thing: some great songs.

So, an album to recommend for anyone who enjoys a good barbecue and a good rock album of course, especially if you are going to Bangalore for a metaphor.





Label: AOR Heaven/Germusica
Three similar bands: Whitesnake/Reece Kronlund/China
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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