Cobra Starship
Night Shades

1. You Belong to Me
2. You Make Me Feel...
3. #1Nite (One Night)
4. Fool Like Me
5. Anything for Love
6. Middle Finger
7. Don't Blame the World, It's the DJ's Fault
8. Fucked in Love
9. Disaster Boy
10. Shwick

Gabe Saporta – lead vocals
Ryland Blackinton – guitar, backing vocals and synthesizer
Alex Suarez – bass, syntheziser and backing vocals
Nate Novarro – drums
Victoria Asher – keytar and vocals

While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets (2006)
¡Viva la Cobra! (2007)
Hot Mess (2009)

Producers: Cobra Starship, Steve Mac, Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Ari Levine, Grant Michaels, Adam Pallin, Stargate

Sabi - "You Make Me Feel..."
Ryan Tedder - "#1Nite"
Plasticines - "Fool Like Me"
Mac Miller - "Middle Finger"
Jump Into Gospel - "Schwick"

Released 2/11-2011
Reviewed 13/12-2011


Funny name, a Starship full of cobras apparently it is related to the Snakes on a Plane it would appear. The cover artwork might be inspired by the Behaviour album by Canadian band Saga, their music is described as synth pop or emo synthrockpop or whatever some reviewer wanted to call the stuff, the promotors say that it is good and of course those always knows the best. The main guy of the band who has an odd name said once that no band could make more than three good albums, guess he’d never heard of a band called Dream Theater, or Ayreon, or Styx, or Saga, or insert your band of choice here, and according to the promotors they haven’t heard of themselves either because according to them this album is as great and fantastic as their earlier albums. The reviewers however do not completely agree with this, the reviews were more positive for the earlier albums but it would seem that the band has been getting mixed reviews for their music and maybe even more so for this album where the reviews have been all from complete bashings of the band to very positive. I guess however that some of it is down to the style of the band and also for the latest that people tend to hate their prior favourite just because the band take another direction and is commercially successful, it was fun to look around the comments on the web it kind of looked like what they said of Hammerfall when they became commercially successful, called sell outs and all of that. I guess that is why there are professional reviewers who do not succumb to such opinions.

Musically it is pop rock with syntpop touches, catchy melodies and choruses are often the case when it comes to this. The album is produced by many different people making it a very diverse album I would say, though maybe some would say it is being a bit incoherent due to this fact and the songs are moving in quite many directions at once so such an opinion is not completely off. It is hard to give a comprehensive description of this album because of this as well as there are many directions travelled and there is no real main path through the album though perhaps you could call the dance rhythmic drums that if you like. Other than those there is no real common denominator to be found through he albums, the song is both from the main singer and from some females and other guest singers, some rap singing, some other types of singing, there is as I said not easy to pick one album wide element that signifies this album. It is poppy and catchy for most the time though and it has ten tracks which plays for almost forty minutes.

For me this album has no real character, the songs stand as alone entities and it is so fragmented that they could as well be songs from completely different bands, it is not what I would call a good album. It is as broken as the glasses stepped on in the cover art, kind of useless as it is broken. All is not bad though as there are some catchy tunes as well, the track called #1Night, Don’t Blame the World, it the DJ’s Fault are two good catchy songs which might be considered a bit repetitive but still good songs.

However, two good songs of ten does not make a good album and in the end this album is just too incoherent, too unimaginative, too boring and it does not offer anything that isn’t already offered before and often in a better way than this. I will not say anything about earlier efforts by the band but this album is not what I would call could and neither is it what I would call groundbreaking, it is just another album to add to all the other albums out there.


Label: Atlantic/Warner
Three similar bands: Midtown/Humble Beginnings/Plastiscines
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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