1. Carry Me Home
2. C1
3. REM
4. First Time
5. Cause I Am
6. The Cure
7. Inside Out
8. Stay And Bleed
9. Top Of The World
10. Colors

Michel Baioni - Vocals, Guitars
Martin Bohgard- Guitars, Vocals
Antonio Baioni - Drums
Inti Oyarzun - Bass guitar



Recorded in Cosmos Studios, Stockholm
Henrik Edenhed (producer)

Released 31/10-2011
Reviewed 7/10-2011


The original idea when Cervello was formed in the dying days of 2007 was to "form a band that should play simple modern rock with strong melodies that could catch a big audience". I don't know how the name "brain" suits with that idea, but I think that description pretty much capture the whole first album otherwise.

'Cervello' is an album full of strong melodies and modern rock and I guess we only have to wait and see where the audience-situation ends up. What they've achieved so far is to put their CV on public display through the Swedish rock radio Bandit Rock where songs like Cause I Am and First Time has been running so much they're ready to challange Usain Bolt. These two songs are written by the professional song writer Max martin and professional guitarist John 5 respectively and it's no bad for a debut band to have names like that working with you all though I don't fancy those particular songs the most on this album. I actually like the bands own offspring most, like the slower songs The Cure and Stay And Bleed where they hold back some at their "go get it attitude" - or the faster, rockier Top Of The World… which is a song that go and get it. All great songs, though!

I think both music and vocals sounds really good on 'Cervello', but the production is what really gets me going. What an amazing production for a debut album! It just sounds… superb! It's like they were the biggest fucking band on this planet becuase they're just kicking as with established acts like Bon Jovi, foo Fighters And Metallica as if they'd never done anything but. Henrik Edenhed, that's a name to remember. Previously famous from music by Robin, Dead By April and Christian Waltz, to mention a few, but with this massive crystal clear sound I'd be surprised if he have another day where no one wants to work with him. Such a fantastic sound! How he has managed to get this out from a debut band is so impressing and all credit to him without taking anything from the band but very few realize the importance of having a well produced album. Good music is always good music, but it's the production that makes good music take off in to those ridiculous proportions. When all's counted for in this albums equation, this album has hit bulls eye in so many ways. They have a great vocalist, capable to move you like a forklift on roller skates. The band consist of great musicians, which handles their instrument with precision similar to surgeons. And they've managed to get help from some of the industries most respected names which in turn has inspired the band to improve their own material beyond imaginable. Everything is just right with this album and it goes straight in to you like a flue shot in the autumn.

This debut has been made by four young lads with the entire world in their aim as they shoot their simple, easy approachable rock music on us. After some years of hard work they've now been served with the best conditions imaginable. Their guitar driven rock music is just spot on - classic hard rock music the way we've got used to it through bands like Alter Bridge and Foo Fighters. Only better. At least very close to better… but, I do actually like this album better! Why? Well, For once there are those strong and catchy choruses. Then there are those enjoyable, rocky melodies. And then there are the guitars, which might be simple but hardly plain because they are very likeable. And last but not least it just has that special feeling you get from some albums. You know how french chefs kiss their hand and lift it to the air while opening it? That's the gesture I want to do for this album.

I can't see any reason for this album no to get an instant break-through with this album. Otherwise it's just something wrong with the world. It's the best debut album I've heard… well, for at least many, many years!


Label: Supernova/Cosmos
Three similar bands: Alter Bridge/Foo Fighters/Treadstone
Rating: HHHHHHH (6/7)
Recensent: Caj Källmalm

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