A New Day Sun

1 Six Feet Under
2 S.O.S
3 New Day Sun
4 One Way Back
5 Come Undone
6 Seven Seas
7 Resides Inside
8 Game To Lose
9 Bury It Deep
10 This Time
11 Crash And Burn

Jonas Hermansson: Vocals & Guitars
Nisse Westfelt: Drums
Joakim Hemming: Bass Guitar


Mats Levén
Eric Dubowsky
Johan Carlsson

Peter Månsson (prod)

Released 19/1-2011
Reviewed 20/1-2011


Swedish Treadstone do their best to be the ones taking over the Foo fighting when Foo Fighers retire. Unfortunately for them it seems like they don't fully dedicated put their heart to it and live by the recepy the Americans has putted together and I wonder how well this will be apprechiated when Foo Fighters are picking their replacements. I think they would have liked it better if it always sounded like Six Feet Under, Residens Inside and Game to Lose to menthion a few, where almost anyone could be fooled to think it actually is Foo Fighters.

I don't know how many times during 2010 I got messages about Treadstone releasing their album soon. The album that was planned to be released last fall is finally released and it's about time because this album hasn't been worth waiting for - 'A New Day Sun' should have come a long time ago! Waiting for something as good as this should almost be considered criminal. At least that's something I think more or less everyone that apprechiated Foo Fighters easy going hard rock thinks.

What mainly stand in focus on Treadstones awaited debut is the melodies. Heavy guitars share space with strong choruses where the band back up with extra guitars and choirs and a pretty upbeat tempo. I think the main reason to why I think so strongly of Foo Fighters when hearing this is the guitar sound that have an almost exact identical sound to them. Another reason might be that the music in general is built pretty much around the same structure, even though the vocalist have a significantly different voice compared to Dave Grohl.

Anyway, even though I've done it the entire review so far, I actually don't think it helps anyone to nag about how much alike - or not alike - this band is to another so I'll stop with this now. Treadstone will be able to get their own name as big as Foo Fighters some day if they continue doing music in the same vein as this. The singles, called Six Feet Under and S.O.S. have been huge success on both radio and music television. The video for Six Feet Under made headlines in Sweden when it was recorded and leaked to the press, mainly because the media prostitute Paris Hilton figured in it. The power ballads Seven Seas and Bury it Deep are alone capable of binding an entire generation of love-thirsty youths and the album as a whole doesn't seem to have any apparent weaknesses. I can't hear anything I feel sounds either stupid or inapropriate. Instead I think it overall can be summarized as well-made, mature and worked on down to the smallest details. Beside this the sound is very good, which I alone think can make a difference of at least one point compared to an album that lacks a good mix and master when the album is summarized.

In general the music played by Treadstone is a pretty traditional melodic harder rock or hard rock. They find that really good flow and vary their tempo and music well, but without leaving their muical foundation. In my opinion this is Swedens next super group and even though they still haven't had that big uper hit yet, I'm certain it will come. Pherhaps on the next album?

With their debut, Treadstone might not entierly reach the quality of their "idols" Foo Fighters. But it would suprice me alot if this album isn't at the top of the lists with best debut albums when it's time to summarize 2011. That it something I guarantee already in January.


Label - Supernova/Cosmos
Three similar bands - Foo Fighters/Babylon Bombs/Staind
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm