Caj picks his favorite albums

from 2000-2010

Summary of the top 30

By year
2000 - 3 albums
2001 - 3 albums
2002 - 5 albums
2003 - 4 albums
2004 - 5 albums
2005 - 2 albums
2006 - 2 albums
2007 - 4 albums
2008 - 1 albums
2009 - 1 albums

By Country
Finland - 10 albums
Sweden - 3 albums
(Scandinavian - 13 albums)
German - 4 albums
Dutch - 3 albums
(Central European - 7 albums)
American - 3 albums
Canadian - 2 albums
(North American - 5 albums)
Italian - 3 album
Portuguese - 2 albums
(Southern European - 5 albums)

By Genre
Melodeath - 8 album
Power metal - 8 album
Gothic/symph - 10 album
Progressive - 1 album
Hard rock - 2 album
Nu-metal - 1 album

Published september 2014

1. Angel Dust
Enlighten The Darkness

Germany (2000)
Power Metal
Video song: The entire album as a whole
Fun fact: Conceptual album about the 2nd world war told through the eyes of a soldier at the front.
The perfect album, probably. Just sit back and Enjoy!

2. Sentenced
The Cold White Light

Finland (2002)
Gothic (Heavy) Metal
Video song: No One There
Fun fact: There's a poem in Finnish in the booklet by I. Jylha that reads: Come, Death, turn a drill through my heart
One of the greatest albums ever made, ended by one of the greatest songs ever made. Enjoy...

3. Icon & The Black Roses

Portugal (2004)
Gothic Metal
Video song: Running Up That Hill
Fun fact: During the ten years it took the band to follow up this album they'd become legends in the gothic underground scene
Probably the best debut album of the 00's. No, not probably - it is the best!

4. The Vincent Black Shadow
Fear's In The Water

Canada (2006)
Hard Rock
Video song: Metro
Fun fact: Probably the only album that both me and Daniel agrees on that it deserves the 7/7 it has. We've been reviewing around 3000 albums together, this is the only one with this score system (there's another one with the old one… and that album is number one on this list)
This album sounds like No Doubt after they've gone goth. Amazing!

5. Children Of Bodom
Hate Crew Deathroll

Finland (2003)
(Melodic) Death Metal
Video song: Needled 24/7
Fun fact: the first Children of Bodom album to reach first place on the Finnish charts
The album that from then on made me consider Children Of Bodom as my favorite band...

6. Amorphis
Silent Waters

Finland (2007)
(Melodic) Death Metal
Video song: Silent Waters
Fun fact: The first of three albums based on the Finnish national epos Kalevala
The first album that scored full points in the new Hallowed era. Still one of the best!

7. Helloween
The Dark Ride

Germany (2000)
Power Metal
Video song: If I Could Fly
Fun fact: When Graphow and Kusch wanted to continue on this darker sound they were kicked out of the band and started Masterplan instead.
"The Black Pumpkin" album was a turn to the darker Helloween, which suited Andi Deris very well.

8. Tiamat

Sweden (2003)
Gothic Metal
Video song: Cain
Fun fact: Despite being a Hallowed full point scorer, it's the only album since 1994 not to chart on the Swedish charts and only making it to 83 in Germany - their worst chart there since 1992.
How could they do this album any better? Not possible…

9. Oratory
Beyond Earth

Portugal (2002)
Power Metal
Video song: Song Of Lust
Fun fact: Vocalist Ana Laura took over as lead vocalist after being a backing vocalist before.
One of the most perfect power metal albums ever made, simply put.

10. Ayreon
The Human Equation

The Netherlands (2004)
Progressive Metal
Video Song: Day 17: Loser!
Fun fact: Despite being the only "non-space" thematic album by Ayreon, the album ends with a computer shutting down the "dream sequencer" - a machine known from previous Ayreon albums.
An album that stands out from the other great Ayreon albums in my opinion.

11. Dark Tranquillity

Sweden (2007)
(Melodic) Death Metal
Video song: Misery's Crown
Fun fact: features guest vocals from Nell Sigland of Theatre Of Tragedy
The kings of electronic death metal!

12. After Forever

The Netherlands (2001)
(Symphonic) Gothic Metal
Video song: Monolith Of Doubt
Fun Fact: Became a huge success in The Netherlands after Floor Jansen had appeared on Arjen Lucassens albums 'The Universal Migrator part 1' and 'Space Metal' by Star One.
The band that presented Floor Jansen to the world - their early work really rocked big time!

13. Alter Bridge

USA (2007)
Hard Rock
Video song: Watch Over You
Fun fact: Marks the first album where Myles Kennedy adds to the song writing
Alter Bridge managed to make a killer with their second album. Hard beaten!

14. Symphorce

Germany (2002)
Power Metal
Video song: Unbroken
Fun fact: Only album released on Metal Blade records by the band
Not a single bad song, no stand out great songs either… just a solid, great album!

15. For My Pain…

Finland (2003)
Gothic Metal
Video song: My Wound Is Deeper Than Yours
Fun fact: Only album by this supergroup of Finnish musicians...
Overlooked but fantastic in every way. This album doesn't have a single bad song…

16. Edguy
Hellfire Club

Germany (2004)
Power Metal
Video song: Lavatory Love Machine
Fun fact: Due to the band changing label for a big money contract, Sammet made a ploy song where he threatened to "fuck his wife" if the label manager didn't pay in time.
Probably the best band from the new era of power metal and this is a solid album all the way...

17. Children Of Bodom
Are You Dead Yet?

Finland (2005)
(Melodic) Death Metal
Video song: In Your Face
Fun Fact: First and only album with a new member in the band
The breaking point for the heavier era of the band that has been since…

18. In Flames
A Sense Of Purpose

Sweden (2008)
(Melodic) Death Metal
Video song: The Mirror's Truth
Fun fact: Went immediately to number one on the Swedish chart
While their classics may be on the other side of the 2000 marker, this is the best in the 00's…

19. Elvenking

Italy (2001)
(Folk) Power Metal
Video song: Oakenshield
Fun fact: The spirit of Elvenking is inspired by the fantasy world of JRR Tolkien
I just think the magic is sparkling more with this than the rest...

20. Lacuna Coil

Italy (2006)
Modern (Gothic) metal
Video song: Our Truth
Fun fact: The Lacuna Coil album with the highest charted singles
Still my favorite by the Italians...

21. Within Temptation
The Silent Force

The Netherlands (2004)
Symphonic (Gothic) Metal
Video song: Memories
Fun fact: Despite being a HUGE success in Europe (peaking top 5 in four countries and top 50 in 10 countries) it wasn't released in the US until four years after its original release (2008).
It's difficult to pick one Within Temptation album that stands out from the rest. This is slightly better though, in my opinion…

22. Beyond The Embrace
Against The Elements

USA (2002)
(Melodic) Death Metal
Video song: Bastards Screams
Fun Fact: First line of the album is "chewing on razorblades again"
A band completely overseen by mainstream metal fans… why?

23. Nightwish

Finland (2004)
Symphonic (Gothic) Metal
Video track: Nemo
Fun fact: Still the most popular album by the band in sales, certifications, chart positions and reviews.
The last studio album with Tarja and in my opinion the best with her as well...

24. Ensiferum

Finland (2001)
(Melodic) Folk Metal
Video track: Little Dreamer
Fun fact: In the "thanks to" part of the album booklet they thank pornographic movies
The viking era begun with Ensiferum all those years ago and they still keep plundering.

25. Rhapsody
Dawn Of Victory

Italy (2000)
(Symphonic) Power Metal
Video track: Holy Thinderforce
Fun Fact: First album with drummer Alex Holtzwarth who is still in the band.
Yeah, I know…Rhapsody are pretty lame but they still made some kick ass albums in the early years...


26. Dreamtale
Beyond Reality

Finland (2002)
Power Metal
Video song: Intro+Memories Of Time
Fin fact: Intro is a cover of the main theme from the movie The Rock.
One of the many bands from Finland appearing around the 2000s that was great from the start...

27. Evanescence

USA (2003)
(Gothic) Nu Metal
Video song: Bring Me To Life
Fun Fact: Sold more than 17 million copies to date, making it one of the ten best selling new albums of the decade.
Mainstream but still really great!

28. Insomnium
Across The Dark

Finland (2009)
(Melodic) Death Metal
Video song: Where The Last Wave Broke
Fun fact: Last album on Candlelight Records
They've become even better after this one, but this album is still awesome!

29. The Birthday Massacre
Walking With Strangers

Canada (2007)
Electronic) Gothic Metal
Video song: Looking Glass
Fun fact: The song Weekend takes parts from Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2.
Probably the greatest Canadian band ever… and that's a bald statement considering the competition…

30. Sentenced
The Funeral Album
Finland (2005)
Gothic (Heavy) Metal
Video song: Ever-Frost
Fun fact: Peaked at first place on the Finnish album charts
A farewell from Finnish royalty. The last album by Sentenced just as they were the biggest.



It's never too late to take a trip down memory lane, here's my top 30 of the greatest albums released in the 00's and on the far right there's a list of albums that didn't make the cut but are (almost) just as awesome!

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Just Outside… Albums that didn't make it (presented in order of release)
Ayreon - Universal Migrator Pt 1 & 2 (2000)
The Netherlands, Progressive Metal
Stratovarius - Infinite (2000)
Finland, Power Metal
Nevermore - Dead Heart In A Dead World (2000)
USA, Progressive (Power) Metal
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (2000)
USA, Nu Metal
Gamma Ray - No World Order (2001)
Germany, Power Metal
Falconer - Falconer (2001)
Sweden, Power Metal
System of A Down - Toxicity (2001)
USA, Nu Metal
Dark tranquillity - Damage Done (2002)
Sweden, (Melodic) Death Metal
Star One - Space Metal (2002)
The Netherlands, Progressive Metal
Rapture - Songs For The Withering (2002)
Finland, (Melodic) Death Metal
Rage - Unity (2002)
Germany, Power Metal
Masterplan - Masterplan (2003)
Germany, Power Metal
Dragonforce - Valley of The Damned (2003)
International Constellation, Speed (Power) Metal
Arch Enemy - Anthems Of Rebellion (2003)
Sweden, (Melodic) Death Metal
Norther - Mirror Of Madness (2003)
Finland, (Melodic) Death Metal
In Flames - Soundtrack To Your Escape (2003)
Sweden, (Melodic) Death Metal
After Forever - Invisible Circles (2004)
The Netherlands, (Symphonic) Gothic Metal
Beyond The Embrace - Insect Song (2004)
USA, (Melodic) Death Metal
Edguy - Rocket Ride (2005)
Germany, Power Metal
Freedom Call - the Circle Of Life (2005)
Germany, Power Metal
Stream of Passion - Embrace The Storm (2005)
International Constellation, (Symphonic) Progressive Metal
Amorphis - Eclipse (2006)
Finland, (Melodic) Death Metal
Disharmonia Mundi - Mind Tricks (2006)
International Constellation, (Melodic) Death Metal
Sonata Arctica - Unia (2007)
Finland, Power Metal
As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between us (2007)
USA, (Melodic) Death Metal
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos (2007)
USA, Proggressive Metal
Evergrey - Torn (2008)
Sweden, Progressive Metal
Ayreon - 01011001 (2008)
The Netherlands, Progressive Metal
Amorphis - Skyforger (2009)
Finland, (Melodic) Death Metal
The Exploding Boy - Afterglow (2009)
Sweden, Gothic (Hard) Rock

Summary of the albums just outside:
By year
2000 - 4 albums
2001 - 3 albums
2002 - 4 albums
2003 - 5 albums
2004 - 2 albums
2005 - 3 albums
2006 - 2 album
2007 - 3 album
2008 - 2 album
2009 - 2 album

By country
Sweden - 6 albums
Finland - 6 albums
(Scandinavian - 12 albums)
German - 5 albums
Dutch - 4 albums
(Central European - 9 albums)
American - 6 albums
International Constellations - 3 albums
(Other - 9 albums)

By Genre
Melodeath - 10 album
Power metal - 9 album
Gothic/symph - 2 album
Progressive - 7 album
Nu-metal - 2 album