So Long Space Girl
Your Heroes Are All Dead

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Placebo/Green Day/My Chemical Romance

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Your Heroes Are All Dead
2. Spineless
3. Peaches And Cream
4. I Hate You But I Hate Myself More
5. Reasons
6. Turn It Off
7. Like A Bomb
8. Rust
9. Tonight
10. Pull The Trigger
11. The Great Undying
12. A Long Way To Run, A Longer Way To Climb

AJ Willis - vocals, guitar
Anina Davie Barrett - drums
Paul Coppock - bass
Rob Mauro - guitar

Stranded (2021)


Produced by John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios
Lyrics by AJ, Music by So Long, Space Girl and John Mitchell
Performed by So Long, Space Girl and John Mitchell

Released 2023-02-27
Reviewed 2023-03-11


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Your Heroes Are All Dead, that is the title of the second album by the British poppy punkers So Long, Space Girl. It is a band that has gained a member growing from a trio to a quartet in order to enhance their live showings, it is usually better to have a vocalist that is not also the guitarist. A noteworthy thing is that the great John Mitchell who is known from many bands like Kino, It Bites, The Urbane, Lonely Robot, and more, is producing this album, and the debut from 2021, that should be a seal of approval as good as any. The cover is pretty cool as well, it makes me want to check out the album, and so I have done.

Musical style is pop-punk with good energy and catchy songs, it is simple in approach, excellent production, great vocals, and a surprising longevity so you can play it many times without growing tired with it. We get a dozen tracks with pretty typical pop-punk songs that are infectiously catchy and energetic, you just want to sing along when listening. Such an accessible album, and still it lasts well. The playing time is fairly long for something punkish, but you don’t really notice that when listening through the album once or twice, then you notice that hours have gone by all of a sudden – that is a strength in an album.

There are in fact many strengths, like the great songs, catchy choruses, the great energy showcased by the band, and more. The slight negative is the lack of fresh ideas, but as I always write, you either need the new ideas or the perfection in the songs – preferably both if you want to make something really special. The songs on this album are pretty perfect for the genre and they make me want to play the album over and over as I so much enjoy listening to tracks like the opening title track, the fourth track about hating oneself more, Spineless is a catchy one as well, I could go on, but I suppose I have made a point about how great and catchy the songs are already.

This is an album you should like whatever musical preference you have as it is one of those that are impossible to dislike. The songs are just disgustingly catchy, I just want to sing along as it just begs me to. I would say that anyone disliking this album is a gigantic moron, a buffoon without any sophistication and taste in music. You should have a look at this one.