Fields of Regret

Label: Bassick
Three similar bands: Alice Cooper/Korn/Type O Negative

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Zu All The Ant
2. Pinky Lace And Pixie Dust
3. Algoritmic Lie
4. Fields Of Regret
5. Tattoos and Tears

Filip Van Lysebeth




Released 2022-11-18
Reviewed 2023-01-14


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Behind the Fields of Regret moniker hides a Belgian fellow named Filip Van Lysbeth, a man into some cabaret it would seem. In a band you often can’t be fully sure that all members would select the poor cover on the album but looking at this one I can conclude that Filip has pretty poor taste in the graphic, the cover is ugly as hell, that means both the picture and the logo. Then again, music is rarely art, and it is really well illustrated here, like on Black Sabbath’s Sabotage just to add another example. Still, the music can be good despite bad art, it has been known to happen.

This is horror punk or something similar, not quite fitting into a frame which is always a good thing. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean that it is a fresh sounding collection of songs, there is no originality here, if anything it just intersects several genres and sounds average from any perspective. The vocals are really poor, the ideas are less poor, perhaps he is even trying to make something exciting but fails, if so the attempt should be applauded even if it wasn’t successful. There are only five tracks here, an EP that is, and it plays for a rather short while, and that is good considering that it isn’t much variation to talk about here.

I find that I am not impressed by this EP, the songs are quite dull, and the ridiculous vocals just ruins any experience listening to it. I find that I am not really listening just trying to figure out how to write anything about such an uninteresting release. I am not saying a bad release, just mediocre and not interesting – but I guess the strange vocals and dissonant production was thought out in some manner though it turned out not to be very impressive.

Perhaps it is music that will appeal to some, it has merit in the not too common things attempted, but it would need much better songs in order to make a real impression. Therefore I have to conclude that there is little need to check out this one, but if you like dissonant punkish horror rock it might be something for you.