Label: Pelagic Records
Three similar bands: Leprous/
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Opening
2. Black Hole Earth
3. The Deluge
4. Reptile Empire
5. Eternal Return

Eirik Kråkenes - guitar
Steinar Glas - bass
Jonatan Eikum - drums

Fade In // Space Out (2017)
Obscuroscope (2019)



Released 2022-11-18
Reviewed 2023-02-11

pelagic records

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Portal is the third album by the Norwegian trio Astrosaur, a band that is led by a guy from Norwegian progressive metal heroes Leprous. And it is an album that takes them into space, a five-track album that consists of longer tracks, the ending one is about 23 minutes long. The album is 48 minutes long on only five tracks, that means that there are mostly long tracks.

It is instrumental sludge/doom, and that sort of thing. It is a bit spacey sound, strong riffing and that sort of thing. It is an album with decent depth, but perhaps not an album that stands out that much. In most parts I think the longer tracks are a little uneventful, there isn’t that much happening in those tracks. I think it is a relatively dramatic album, it has its moments but fails to really stand out.

Not an easy album to say that much about, instrumental albums can’t always bring out those things. It could be interesting along with some video material, like make it a soundtrack for a movie. Unfortunately, it drowns in the masses as there are so many sludge albums, and there are already so many strong riffing instrumental albums out there, and in those crowds I doubt these guys will be very noticed.

If you are a fan of the sludge music it can be an enjoyable album, worth checking out if you are one of those fans. If you are more of a casual fan of the rock and metal genres it may not be as interesting, but it is good nevertheless. I don’t think more is needed to be written about it.