Megalorama Part II

Label: Lakechurch Production
Three similar bands: Vigor/Monkey3/ Pink Floyd

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
1. Parallel Dimension
2. Planckworm
3. Sickpax
4. Moon Spell

Gery Kaiser- guitars
Manuel Schlick - drums
Rade Kutil - bass

Aerolith (2016)
II (2017)
Megalorama Part I (2020)


Recording & Mastering 2023 by Stretch-Audio Bischofshofen
Produced by Stretch Audio & Aerolith

Released 2023-08-01
Reviewed 2023-08-10


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Austrian space rockers Aerolith comes up with their fourth space adventure, it is the second part in a story they call Megalorama. It seems as though it is the second parts that I write about when it comes to Aerolith with II and Megalorama Part II. I wrote about them in 2018, so it has been a while, it was actually a while since I wrote anything at all for the Hallowed pages. I hadn’t thought to write much more this year, but as they sent me this on vinyl, I thought I had to write something, I like the vinyl format. Question is if it is an album worth noticing in the ever-increasing flood of uninteresting rock and metal music.

It is similar to what I heard on the II album several years ago, but they have widened their expression in a darker and heavier direction. Kraut, stoner with spacey sounds and some metal tones. Instrumental, kind of soundtracky. The trio offers a fairly modern sound, fairly varied over four quite long tracks that are both heavy and melodic. Good depth. But I cannot say that this is an album that stands out much, it has some interesting qualities, but the overall sound doesn’t take them very far from what is the mainstream of the genre. And I do think it is more like a soundtrack, perhaps it should be a visual element to it, like an animated space adventure or something akin to that.

It may seem from my stylistic reflections that I don’t like this album, but that isn’t right as I find this a rather appealing album. It is a nice piece to listen to when writing, or whatever you like to do to pass your time with some nice music in the background. The final track Moon Spell is pretty exciting and memorable, I like the atmosphere of that song – the songs leading up to it isn’t as interesting, they are good but not outstanding. I would have liked more dynamics, and a more adventurous soundscape to illustrate the story rather having you dream about that visual element to complement the music.

So, would I buy this one? Not if I had heard it before, but I would not have been disappointed if I had bought it. It is a solid and good album, and it can be worth listening to if you like the space- or instrumental rock music. I do however, think that Megalorama Part II will have difficulty being noticed in the ever-increasing flood of metal and rock music that unfortunately makes even the good stuff seem a little uninteresting.