1. Pacha
2. Sleeping Bulldog
3. Rain Walk
4. Ambiverse
5. Aufschub
6. Bug Nebula


Gerald Kaiser– Guitars
Manuel Schlick – Drums
Rade Kutil – Keyboards

Aerolith (2016)


Produced by Gerald Kaiser and Aerolith
Recorded and Mastered by Stretch Audio

Released 2018-01-12
Reviewed 2018-01-19


Album number two for Austrian band Aerolith, an album that is aptly named II. The trio makes instrumental rock music and they were wise enough and kind enough to send me their whole discography so that I would get a better picture of them and their music. And I noticed very quickly that they should work on their artworks, but they do have a very nice logo. So, what about the music the trio has to offer then?

It is instrumental rock music, space rock or post rock are probably the best ways to describe what they have to offer. Quite a dreamy sound, like a long space adventures past beautiful stellar phenomenon and that sort of thing. It moves forward at a pretty low pace and the six songs are all rather long with the shortest one being just over seven minutes, it is near the hour in playing time despite only six tracks. Six tracks that all are built around a progression with the song starting at one point then ending at another one with the song always moving forward not standing still, something I think is very positive. And there is much to be positive about when it comes to what Aerolith has to offer.

II is a good album, the tracks are all good and the depth of the album gives it longevity as well. I do however think that more energy and tempo wouldn’t have hurt at times, the album can tend to feel a bit slow and more like background than music you really pay attention to. Still, it is an album that doesn’t really have any weaknesses while it has several strengths, an album that is easy to listen to and quite easy to like. The best track has to be the shortest one, Rain Walk is it called and that one I really like while I find the rest quite agreeable but not really that exciting.

The lingering feeling when I summarise this album is that it would have been better as a soundtrack than as a music album. Most of the time it is a good sound to have in the background, it is melancholic yet with an aura of positivity and it is dreamy which makes it excellent to hear when the focus really needs to be elsewhere. Recommended especially to fans of instrumental rock music, but I think it is a musical adventure that can go down well with many.





Label: Lakechurch Production
Three similar bands: Vigor/Monkey3/ Pink Floyd
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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