Label: Karisma Records
Three similar bands: Spidergawd/Soft Ffog/Draken

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Lessons
2. Free Will
3. Spitfire
4. All Is As It Should Be
5. Show Me What You Got
6. Fire & Water
7. Divine
8. When You Call

Hallvard Gaardløs - bass and lead vocals,
Karl Bjorå - guitar and vocals,
Vegard Lien Bjerkan - keyboards and vocals,
Axel Skalstad - drums.



Produced by Martin Horntveth
Recorded in Studio Paradiso in Oslo by Marcus Forsgren and Horntveth
Mixed by Matias Tellez

Released 2022-10-21
Reviewed 2022-10-05

karisma records

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Karisma Records and Norwegian progressive rock is something that quite often offer us very enjoyable music. This time it is the band called Wizrd and their debut album Seasons, an album that looks rather swirly. Will it be anything to pay attention to? It cewrtainly looks that way with musicians that are experienced from other great bands, and a good production team as well. Still, it wouldn’t be the first time something looks interesting and then isn’t. So let’s check out what Wizrd has to offer.

I see that jazz is mentioned more than once in the press sheet that came with the album, and I read about something groovy, catchy, and progressive masterclass. It all seems interesting enough with the quirky jazz grooves, and awesome melodies that I read about, rock’n’roll to die for – how about that? Funny thing is that progressive in music usually means regressive, especially in the rock and metal category. This sounds like something from the seventies freshened up with a more modern production, and despite the variation it seems like a very long album. They are obviously strong musicians with good skills, and they have a good vocalist, and have gotten a very strong production. Too bad that the songwriting is sub-par, there is nothing here that feels fresh, original or even personal, it is a rather bland mixture of songs in total lack of personality.

It is an album that is accessible enough, it is musically acceptable and everything – the problem is that others have done this better, so much better. I find the songs so dull that I almost fall asleep behind the wheel driving to work, good way to end a dull life I suppose, it can make you fall asleep behind the wheel and then crash into something that makes it all go away. Still, I would probably gone out listening to something better, and aim well to make sure. Albums like these just makes it duller to listen to and write about music, when bands just use the ctrl+c and ctrl+v for writing their albums it is not only painting themselves badly, but it also dilutes the rock genre into one dull greyish puddle. Like how I see the genre, this is actually a good representation, solidly made colourless and bland songs in a dreary package.

I don’t see why anyone would want to get an album like this, another musical equivalent of the superhero movie, just meaningless drivel for the trash heap of history. There is no real point to this one, couldn’t they at least make an effort to add personality to the album? Now when I play this album, and other like it, I just feel like shutting off and closing everything, why bother with anything at all when no one else does? Just another bland release to add to the sea of greyness that is the music Hallowed writes about.