Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Deeds of Flesh/Defeated Sanity/Mortician

Rating: HHHHHHH (1/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Viral Virus
2. Coerced Into Compliance
3. Instruments of Indiscrimination
4. Instigated Indignation
5. The Incredulous Invocation

E. Browne - Vocals, Lyrics
W. Sherels - All Instruments

Innomination (EP 2021)


Vocals recorded and mixed at BWNTWN STN by E. Browne
All instruments recorded at Demolition Studio by W. Sherels
Mixed and mastered at Demolition Studio
Ambient intro/sample at the beginning of "The Viral Virus" done by BWNTWN SOUND
Ambient intro at the beginning of "The Incredulous Invocation" done by BWNTWN SOUND
Logo by Force Fed Graphics
Layout by Putrid Carcass Illustration
Cover Artwork by Pileworm Guttural Art & W. Sherels

Released 2022-06-10
Reviewed 2022-08-05


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Hurtful or wound-making is how you translate this band’s name from Latin, they might also refer to the bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus, a water dwelling organism that causes stomach problems for the most part. Kind of like listening to this album, it makes you feel ill. It is the second EP by the duo, and I note that as the band is signed to a label several reviewers seem to think this was released by a label, but I can’t see that it is – it is not among the releases on the label’s site and neither does the promo mail claim it is released on this label. So, it is an independent release, and it sure looks like something typical of the death metal genre, silly logo and pretty ugly cover.

They say ultra-brutal death metal, meaning abusing instruments and making vomiting sounds as voice. The sound is raw and the vocals very guttural, it starts with spoken word about the drug that is social media – and that is the best part of the whole release. The production of the EP is cheap, to be diplomatic. The instruments sound out of sync, like every element of the album is doing the song to its own liking and that gives a sound that isn’t exactly wonderful. It is short, that is good. There are five tracks, I don’t really notice that there are different tracks as they all sound the same, smatter, and some guttural noises.

Honestly, I keep wondering if this is a joke. Do they try to make something as badly as possible, why else would you make something that just sounds like irregular noises? And make a voice that is… I don’t know, ridiculous is probably the most fitting word for it – for the whole EP. There is nothing good about this, nothing at all. I wonder how a label would want to release a band like this, and how anyone would even consider this good. Had I been sent the EP in CD format I would have recycled it by now so that it at least did something good in the end.

There just is no way to imagine that releases like this can have any audience to speak of because it is terrible. I wouldn’t waste my time listening to this as almost any noise you can think of sounds better, this is actually one of the worst I have ever heard.