The Violent Inzident
This Is Nu Metal!

Label: Independent
Three similar bands:
Korn/Linkin Park/Hollywood Undead
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Nu-Metal
02. Love Nu Metal
03. Whores of Instagram
04. DisasTinder
05. Triggered (The Snowflake Anthem)
06. The Violent Inzident
07. Brazil is Great
08. Down With Your Mistress
09. Tears Are Falling (From My Arse)
10. D.A.R.E To Keep Kids on Drugs
11. Fou Fou

Tiny D - Wannabe rapper douchebag
C - man - The guy who can actually sing
Bin man - Bass and broomstick
Adidasshole - Guitar and sportswear
Monkeybird - DJ / samples / electronic noises and other unimportant things you can’t hear at all
General Jerkhov - Pots and pans




Released 2022-04-01
Reviewed 2022-07-02


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There is probably no surprise to anyone if I point out that it is nu-metal The Violent Inzident play on their debut album This is Nu Metal. The British band is said to have a fun take on the genre and do post-nu metal whatever that is. Perhaps it is what they write later, the kind of music that makes fans throw away their Korn, Linkin Park, Slipknot, and whatever. I am not sure that a new great band would make me throw away my old stuff, but like the second track I kind of love Nu Metal (just look at my ratings for Korn, Hollywood Undead, Era 9, and more), so naturally I was curious about this one.

The Humour is unfortunately pubertal British, meaning that it is awful. Dicks, tits, giving head, stuff up the ass and so on throughout the album. Too bad. The clean vocalist is otherwise good, the rapper is average, some of the choruses are insanely catchy, and the production is modern and good. I find myself wondering if these guys are like twelve years old and just discovering the world of pornography, as their lyrics are like the words of teenage guys in group, meaningless and unconstructive drivel about pornographic stuff. It takes about three minutes before I feel the urge to vomit or shove the fucking pen with which they wrote the lyrics up there where the sun doesn’t shine on whoever wrote the lyrics. Then a fake tits lady can dig it out with both hands, perhaps that would lessen the appeal of crap like that.

The song Love Nu Metal has such catchy and great chorus, and it is a really good song. And there are some more good songs throughout this album, especially in the first part. But there is always the fact that you need to avoid hearing the lyrics, and that is often easier said than done. Maybe teenage boys like this kind of lyrics, but it is not something I care for. And not because the lyrics are offensive, I have no problem at all with offensive stuff – had it been fun I would have been approving, but there is a thin line between what is fun and just cringeworthy when you try for the offensive –a more sophisticated approach usually works better than the all-out childish anal offensive that these guys offer up.

In the end I can conclude that I enjoy some of the catchiness of this album, but it is far too simple, far too lowbrow for my taste and I can conclude that I already have way more interesting nu metal albums in my music library. But if you are a man child this might be just for you, simple and ridiculous jokes and mundane humour is appealing to way too many people these days – so it might be successful. They sure know how to make catchy songs, and that is probably enough for some – but because I love nu metal I press delete and permanently purge this album from my hard drive.