V/Haze Miasma

Label: Supreme Chaos Records
Three similar bands: Solstafir/Der Weg einer Freiheit/Enslaved

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Nebula
2. Hypocrite! ...Another Vicious Grimace
3. Hubris Redux


agenda​:​endure (2020)



Released 2022-01-07
Reviewed 2022-06-06

supreme chaos records

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We journey to a nebula along with German band V/Haze Miasma, something that could be exciting considering the visual appeal that those clouds of gas and particles in space often have. There are things that makes me doubt the credentials on this band as partners in such a journey though, first of all one might wonder why there isn’t any nebula on the cover, it looks more like a normal living room picture of a mountain – perhaps Japanese. The other thing is that such a journey takes years, even to the closest nebula, and a three-track EP wouldn’t be a very good soundtrack for that considering how repeated that would be before arrival.

If you don’t bother with those little things we have an EP of three tracks and twenty minutes playing time, two tracks are new and the third one is the track Hubris from the debut album released in 2020 with only clean vocals and piano. That track adds variation to the trio of tracks where two of them are over seven minutes. The style is post-black metal, they are compared with bands like Solstafir and Enslaved. Vocals are aggressively whispered rather than growled, the third track has clean singing. The soundscapes are pretty average for the genre, not more exciting or duller than the norm. I don’t think they stand out that much from other atmospheric bands in the same style.

It is a decent EP, not great, not awful, pretty dull actually, and not interesting enough to merit too much attention. This is probably in part down to the EP format that doesn’t fit this style of music too well, I think this kind of atmospheric musical adventures needs more content, an album with three-four additional tracks probably would have improved the sensation of the tracks on this EP. None of the tracks here are good standalone tracks, they are more like pieces of a puzzle, and this EP seems like one with many pieces missing, too many to make me interested in a look.

Perhaps we should wait until they give us the next album, perhaps they are not interesting at all. I don’t know, but I know that I find this little EP rather uninteresting and not really worth bothering with.