The Art of a Maniac

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Megadeth/Slayer/Lich King

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Tymonicide
2. Sanity Clause
3. Mars Attacks
4. Estrogenocide
5. Age Of Deception
6. The Roy Parson Project
7. War Beneath The Skull
8. The Art Of A Maniac
9. Alcoholocaust

Tim Tymo - Vocals & Guitar
Nick Schwartz - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Harlen Jacobs - Bass & Backing Vocals
Marc Durie - Drums & Backing Vocals

Purge & Reset (2017)


Produced by: Tymo
Mixed by Graham Smith at Atreus XO Studios
Mastered by Graham Smith at Atreus XO Studios
Album Artwork by Andrei Bouzikov

Released 2022-02-05
Reviewed 2022-04-03


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"A golden shower of thrash metal!" I read as a description of Canadian band Tymo, I have a hard time seeing how the term golden shower fit the style of the band, but who am I to know. Their musical style is besides taking golden showers, also about destruction and chaos, a bit comical too I suppose, and it might be the art of a madman, much like the title suggests. The artwork is pretty funny, it reminds me of other thrash metal bands that plays a similar style of music – would probably be a nice one to have on vinyl.

Thrash metal is the style, heavy, energetic, with a vocalist who spits the words out all over the microphone. It is as raw as the genre should be, pretty much an archetype in many regards, with good pace and energy. A thrashy attitude. They are not offering anything that feels new or original, but they tend to offer some humour and some energy and chaos to the picture. And they do it well. They keep it short which is a good thing considering that the album isn’t very varied, and there is a high likelihood that it doesn’t take long to grow a bit tired with it.

I like what Tymo offers, it is a pretty funny album with the track Mars Attacks as my favourite track. I guess that track is inspired by the movie with the same name, and the comics probably. I think all the tracks are good, not fantastic but enjoyable for a while. It is an amusing album that shows a band who enjoys playing fast and furious, chaotic thrash metal – and perhaps that is all this genre is about.

The Art of a Maniac is perhaps not as much art or crafting by a maniac as the title seems to suggest, but it is a good and enjoyable album that I think can be worth checking out for those of you who enjoy the thrash metal genre. A fun album to listen to, not the most amazing or memorable, not a musical milestone, it is just a fun thrash metal album from a band who enjoys their music.