Tear Them Down
Dystopian Beats

Label: Bakraufarfita Records
Three similar bands: Nemas/Ramones/En Svensk Tiger

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Save Your Last Breath
02. Sacrifice
03. Demons in Disguise
04. Total Control
05. As We Go Down
06. Brown Bag
07. This Won't End Well
08. Kyoto Nigtmare
09. Victimized
10. Wasting
11. Tell Me Something
12. Bridges Burn
13. Thrill of Death

Viktor - Guitar & Vocals
Jonte - Bass & Vocals
Gorb - Guitar & Vocals
Maaran - Drums & Screams

This is Mutiny (EP 2011)
Their Fault Our Problem (2014)

Ett liv i härlighet (2015)
Abide EP (2016)
No Sleep 'til Aröd (2019)


Recorded and mixed at Welfare Sounds by Per Stålberg and Kalle Lilja
Mastered by Daniel Johansson
Album artwork illustration, design & Layout by NMAAR

Released 2022-05-27
Reviewed 2022-05-28

bakraufarfita records

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I have always liked the punk rock of Tear Them Down, the Swedes certainly know their craft really well. I like their simple, raw, catchy, and cocky sound – they have that youthful rebellious streak that a great punk rock band needs. Now they offer some Dystopian Beats, an album that was sent to me on Vinyl, which of course is very appreciated – though it could of course influence the review, but I probably have too much integrity to be influenced by such thing. One thing it is good for is that I get to see the artwork as it is supposed to look, a nice change to all those digital files I mostly get. And the artwork is really excellent, perhaps with am Orwellian feel to it, both the cover and the comic on the inner sleeve – those things alone make it worth considering.

The music also makes this album worth considering, it is classic punk rock, simple, fast and straightforward with a DIY feel to it. They also add some more aggressive and screamy vocals, that gives the album a more dynamic feel. The sound is classic punk rock, and they aren’t exactly reinventing any musical wheels when they do their thing. But punk rock isn’t more about the attitude, the lyrics, the rebellion, the feel that anyone could do it – a way of expressing opinions in the form of music. I love it. Not always, but many times it is good, fun, and all those things – and Tear Them Down certainly knows how to make this kind of music.

They have taken a few steps forwards since last time I wrote about them, and heard them, I like the aggressive tones and the confidence they showcase throughout this new album. The songs are good throughout the entire album, the rebellious attitude, the aggression, and those elements add to the feeling that I am listening to the best album by Tear Them Down, and that I am listening to a great punk rock album. It takes off as soon as the needle hits the record and then it just goes on until there is nothing more for the needle to read, great stuff. This vinyl record will certainly look good among the others I have, it deserves a place there.

Dystopian Beats is an album I recommend you check out, why not buy it on vinyl. If you do you will get a really good-looking record to put in your record shelf, can you really wish for anything more than that? It is impossible to go wrong with this one.