Taxi Caveman
Galactic Slope

Label: Interstellar Smoke Records
Three similar bands: Lowrider/Hippie Death Cult/Wizard Master

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. ...and the Druids Turn to Sand
2. Death Cards

Bartosz Nauman - bass, vocals
Bartek Gamracy - drums, vocals
Piotr Rutkowski - guitars, vocals

Taxi Caveman (2021)


recorded in Mustache Ministry Studio & HighWave Studio
Mixed and mastered by Mustache Ministry
cover art by Toxinfigure
back and inside art by Neossabath

Released 2022-07-29
Reviewed 2022-08-28

interstellar smoke records

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Cool artwork is the first thing that I think about the second album by Polish trio Taxi Caveman. They are releasing albums quickly with the debut coming only last year, and now the second is already released. I read that: “Taxi Caveman are not a doom band, a sludge band or a punk band but at the same time they are all those things, they are a rock band who can turn their hands to all of rocks various forms and styles and do so while still managing to sound fresh and original.” So, do they really sound original and are they all those things?

Musically they are probably those things, being perhaps mostly of the stoner variety but with influences of the doom and sludge stuff as well. Fuzzy and mostly instrumental, quite low tempo over the two tracks. They only do two tracks, but they are long, and the album plays for over 29 minutes. It is not every day you review a two-track album. The sound is fairly good, I wouldn’t say that the production is overwhelmingly great, but it is certainly good enough. The vocals that are sludgy at times, but as I wrote before it is a mostly instrumental album. I also read about fresh and original sound; I am not so sure about this as I don’t think they stand out from many similar artists.

Solid effort, that is how I think about this album. It is well made, it offers good melodies and atmosphere, but it doesn’t offer anything that feels original or exciting. It do have some hypnotic qualities though, things like the stronger slow rockers can have. And at times it can even grab my attention a little, that is a good thing. A better thing would have been that the songs were magic, or excellent, they aren’t. I have no doubt that these guys have the potential for magical stuff if they manage to write some better songs to complement their already great atmospheres, this album falls short on its songs that just isn’t great enough to make this album shine.

I like how they keep the album short, and I like the great mood and atmosphere on the album. I would have liked at least one great song though, the album needs something that can grab the listener and lure it to the album, to give you the desire to play the album over and over – this is what is missing on this album. But I cannot say anything particularly negative about what the Polish trio has to offer, Galactic Slope is a fine album that will impress fans of aforementioned genres.